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Potholes: They’re Back And They’re Bad

by schearerswpadmin March 31, 2015

Potholes have returned, and hitting one with your car can do a real number on tires, wheels, steering and suspension, and alignment. To help determine if hitting a pothole has damaged your vehicle, the Car Care Council reminds you to watch f...

Tire Maintenance 101

by schearerswpadmin March 25, 2015

Tire inflation is the most important factor in the performance of your tires. Improperly inflated tires will wear more quickly, affecting ride, handling, and fuel economy. The first rule of thumb is never to go below the pressure listed on...

We Are Moving!

by schearerswpadmin November 2, 2014

We’re moving! With great pleasure I would like to announce some great news for Schearer’s Sales & Service and our Customers. After 19 great years at our Mertztown location, we are relocating to 5580 Quince Rd, Allentown, PA 18106 . Qui...

It’s Important To Pay Attention To Dash Warning Lights!

by schearerswpadmin July 25, 2014

It’s important to pay attention to dash warning lights; they are your car’s way of communicating when it may need some TLC. Check out this list of the most common dash lights and what they mean. And when in doubt, bring your vehicle in so our pro...

Four Symptoms Of A Sick Cooling System

by schearerswpadmin July 25, 2014

Coolant-reservoir-and-level-indicator-imageWith the hot summer temperatures on the rise, knowing the symptoms of a sick cooling system are critical to your summer driving plans, since cooling system failure is a leading cause of veh...

Summer Drive Special

by schearerswpadmin June 5, 2014

Dear Valued Customer and Friend, Our business has continued to grow because of great Customers like you. Because you have been happy with the quality of services performed at Schearer’s, you have referred your family and friends with thei...

Timing Belts

by schearerswpadmin April 28, 2014

Are you keeping up with proper maintenance on your car? Good thing we discovered this cracked timing belt during our Complete Evaluation before it failed! Service your timing belt before it fails and save yourself a lot of cash!...

Domestic Cars & Trucks. Why Yes We Do!

by schearerswpadmin March 21, 2014

We are very well known for our excellent service and repair to Volkswagen and Audi. But did you know we offer the same exceptional service and repair to all foreign or domestic vehicles including your trucks and SUV’s? The answer is yes we do!...

“Quick Lube” Oil Changes

by schearerswpadmin March 21, 2014

Who is changing the oil on your vehicle? This is just one example of the things we see coming out of the “Quick Lube” service centers. The filter on the right is the correct German filter for a VW Jetta and the filter on the left is what we removed....

VW & Audi 2.0Turbo Engine Noise

by schearerswpadmin March 21, 2014

Does your 2.0T have excessive top end engine noise? It could be due to a hi-pressure fuel pump and follower failure. If so, give us a call to have it diagnosed before it’s too late!...

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