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    Applicant Information

    If You live in a community property state, are you:

    MarriedSepratedUnmarried(includes Single, Divorced and Widowed)

    Married applicants can apply for individual Credit. Indicate if you would like:

    Individual CreditJoint Credit With another Applicant


    Whenever used in this application, the words "you" and "your" refer to the application(s) and the words "we", "us", Our refer to the Lender.

    Co-Applicant Information

    complete Spouse/Co-Applicant information only if any of the following apply:

    • This is for joint Credit with Your Spouse Or other Co-Applicant.

    • Your Spouse will use Your Account.

    • You are relying on your Spouse's income as a source of repayment for the credit requested.

    • You live in a community property state: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, New Maxico , Nevada, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin(and Puerto Rico)

    Credit Applied For:

    Type : NewUsed Year Make Model Vehicle Stock#

    $Down Payment:

    Length of Repayment Mos.



    Employment And Income Most recent pay stub required. If self-employed or retired, attach financial statement or income tax returns

    Other Income You need not list income from alimony,child or separate maintenance payments unless you want it considered in evaluating this credit application.

    Please answere the following questions if a yes answere is given , explain on atttached sheet.

    • 1.Have You Filed a petition for bankruptcy in the last 10 years?

    • A : YesNo C : YesNo
    • 2.Have You ever had credit in any other name?
      What Name

    • A : YesNo C : YesNo
    • 3.Have You any suits pending, judgments filed, alimony or support awards against you?

    • A : YesNo C : YesNo

    Please Check: A = Applicant C = Co-Applicant

    • 4.Do you have any past due bills?

    • A : YesNo C : YesNo
    • 5.Indicate immigration status

    • Applicant : U.S. CitizenPermanent U.S ResidentOther Co-Applicant :U.S. CitizenPermanent U.S ResidentOther

    Personal References


    You warrant the truth of the above information and you realize that it will be relied upon by Us in deciding whether or not to grant the credit applied for. You hereby authorize Us, Our employees and agents to investigate and verify any information provide to Us by You.You authorize Us to accept Your facsimile signatures on this application and agree that Your Facsimite signature will have the same legal force and effect as Your original signature.You assume any risk that may be associated with permitting Us to accept Your facsimile signature.

    You Hereby acknowledge Your intent to apply for joint credit

    Applicant's Initials Co-Applicant's Initials

    Applicant Signature


    Co-Applicant Signature


    Disclaimer: *Upon submission a representative of Schearer's Sales & Service will contact you via phone to complete your application.

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