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Your Garage for Your MINI’s Head Gasket Replacement in Allentown

by schearerswpadmin November 13, 2019

MINIs are well known for putting the fun and color into practical and economic vehicles, but they are also known for their increased risk of specific part failure. One such part which in a MINI needs an extra degree of care is the head gasket. In this article, we will take a closer look at the role of the head gasket, the signs and symptoms of its impending failure, as well as discuss the very best location for servicing and repairing your MINI in Allentown.

What is a head gasket and what does it do?

The head gasket is an essential part of your MINI and is found between the engine block and the cylinder head. The cylinder head opens and closes multiple valves, which allows air as well as fuel to enter both the cylinders and the engine. It also allows the exhaust fumes to escape from the engine system. The head gasket is an important part of this process, as it helps to ensure that when the valve is closed, a tight seal is achieved. This ensures combustion occurs successfully. Head gaskets also perform the secondary process of prevent coolant and engine oil from mixing when they circulate the engine.

Replacing head gaskets are an inexpensive repair. The main cost in replacing this part is the labor it takes to access the gaskets to change them out. It can be a tricky and time consuming process, which requires knowledge and a gentle touch to do. This means it is a job reserved for experienced mechanics only.

Symptoms of Failing Head Gaskets

Your vehicle will let you know there is a head gasket issue in 5 key ways. When driving, be aware if any of these symptoms occur, as you’ll need to have them repaired as soon as possible.

1. Overheating

If your head gasket blows, then your MINI is likely to overheat easily. This occurs because the tight seal that the gasket creates no longer exists, causing hot ignition fumes to leak, rapidly increasing engine temperature and causing overheating. A vehicle that regularly overheats is at risk of causing extensive and expensive damage, which could leave it a complete write off in need of overhaul.

2. Power Loss

A head gasket that is failing will negatively impact the overall power of the vehicle due to the lack of compression inside the engine. This will mean that even a supercharged MINI will feel sluggish and lackluster to drive. Overall, the engine will also run rougher.

3. Oil Contamination

Milky sludge on your oil filter cap is caused by coolant mixing with your engine oil. The number one cause of this is head gasket failure, as the seal it creates between the two systems is essential in keeping their respective liquids apart.

4. Blue Emissions

If your MINI is in perfect health, then its exhaust fumes should be clear. However, if you notice a blue or a blue-gray tinge to your emissions, then it is a clear sign of engine oil being burned up alongside the fuel. This is often because of a head gasket fault that has allowed the engine oil to get where it shouldn’t.

5. Leaks

External leaks can also be caused by head gasket failure. Of course, leaks can be caused by a variety of other issues, but if the cause is the head gasket, then you are most likely to notice droplets of engine oil, coolant, or both on the ground below your MINI.

The Best in Allentown

As previously mentioned, head gasket replacement is not a task for even the most avid of enthusiasts and should be only undertaken by expert mechanics. This component is difficult to access and also plays an essential role in the health of your engine, so really isn’t worth it to tinkering with the head gasket in hopes that you get it right.

MINI Head Gasket Repair

Residents of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA who are experiencing head gasket trouble should drive straight to Schearer’s Sales and Service Inc. for head gasket repairs. Our friendly team of experts are on hand Monday through Friday. We are so confident in the quality of our workmanship that we offer a 36 month/36,000 mile warranty as guarantee. So for high-quality repairs you can trust, contact us at Schearer’s Sales and Service today.

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