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Why Does The Convertible Top Malfunction In Your Jaguar?

by schearerswpadmin May 24, 2018

Luxury vehicles come with a range of different amenities and attributes that are designed to enhance the drivers’ level of comfort. Jaguar vehicles are perhaps one of the best examples of how vehicle engineering has become tailored to the needs and expectations of drivers over time. Depending on the climate you live in, you might be attracted to Jaguars that are available in convertible top options, such as the F-TYPE and XK. While convertible tops add to the leisure and luxury of your Jaguar, drivers commonly experience issues with these convertible tops over time.

Jaguar drivers pay a hefty price for their vehicles, and they’re usually worth every penny; they’re durable, reliable, perform well, and are certainly luxurious. However, just like all the other components and parts in your Jaguar, the convertible top must be maintained and cared for. In this article, we’ll go over the possible reasons why your convertible top malfunctions in your Jaguar, and why it’s critical to hire a Jaguar specialist to address such issues promptly.

Possible Reasons For Convertible Top Malfunction
While there are several different reasons why your Jaguar could be experiencing issues with its convertible top, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of what may contribute to such issues, which will allow you to compare diagnoses and pricing with various shops nearby. These are the most common contributions to convertible top malfunction in Jaguar vehicles:

Seasonal Non-Use
Not all Jaguar drivers live in year-round mild weather, which means that their convertible tops are susceptible to inefficiency due to non-use. When your convertible top sits in the garage for a majority of the cold seasons of the year, or the top isn’t put down relatively often, parts can rust or become “stuck.”

Mechanical Issues
Your Jaguar’s convertible top might experience issues opening and closing due to a mechanical problem. This could be a result of non-use, or it could simply be normal age, wear and tear. Keeping the mechanical components properly lubricated and repaired when needed is an essential element of ongoing vehicle maintenance that many drivers don’t consider.

Hydraulic Fluid problems
If your Jaguar requires hydraulic fluid for the convertible top to open and close, then it’s highly possible there is an issue with the hydraulic fluid system or the fluid itself. As part of ongoing vehicle care, it is important to perform routine hydraulic fluid inspections and flushes.

Electrical Problems
As the convertible top is often controlled by electrical components in your Jaguar, it is another possible area for malfunction. Wiring, fuses, and other components can contribute to convertible top failure, which requires specialized diagnostic abilities and skills to address.

Why It’s Important To Hire A Jaguar Specialist
In order to properly maintain your Jaguar’s convertible top properly, it is critical to hire a Jaguar specialist who has the appropriate level of skill, knowledge, and expertise working with various Jaguar models, such as the F-TYPE. In order for your automotive technician to perform an accurate diagnosis of your convertible top issues, he or she must have the proper credentials and qualifications. Furthermore, specific knowledge of Jaguar parts and care practices will ensure that the parts and methods used to repair your Jaguar will be up to manufacturer standards, upholding the integrity of the brand and the performance expectations of your particular vehicle. It’s likely that you purchased your Jaguar specifically because it had a convertible top, and it can be highly disappointing not to be able to exhaust its full benefit!

How Our Shop Can Help
The Jaguar experts here at Schearer’s Sales & Service have helped many Jaguar clients from the areas in and surrounding Allentown, Bethlehem, Macungie, PA; therefore, we know how to properly diagnose, repair, and maintain the diverse collection of Jaguar models available. If you have recently begun experiencing problems with your Jaguar’s convertible top, please call us right away. As warmer months approach, you’ll want to put the top down and go for a drive—when your convertible top is malfunctioning, the beautiful weather can become a salty reminder of your luxury vehicle’s current deficit. Allow our Jaguar specialists to fix the issue quickly, at an affordable rate. Contact us to speak to one of our helpful professionals and learn more about our pricing, qualifications, and Jaguar specialty.

* Jaguar F-Type image credit goes to: DarthArt.

* Jaguar sports car image credit goes to: We-Ge.

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