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Why Does The Ball Joint Fail In The BMW 3-Series?

by schearerswpadmin September 14, 2018

The BMW 3-series is known for being fast, stealthy, and providing the very definition of sports performance. Their superior engines power can catch the eyes and ears of car enthusiasts everywhere. Its suspension technology allows this vehicle to maneuver across any terrain with a smooth drive. Because of the fine-tuned engineering that makes these vehicles so popular, it is imperative that BMW owners stay up to speed with their maintenance. One of the often overlooked, yet essential parts is the ball joint. If you want to maintain that smooth riding suspension, this part is vital.

What Is The Ball Joint?

Much like a human joint, the ball joint in a vehicle works as a connecting device for your wheels and suspension system. This joint is the primary way for your wheels to navigate the roads without drifting away. In addition, this piece is intricate in the BMW 3-series, as it must be to provide the smooth ride BMWs are known for. A damaged ball joint will cause significant damage in the way the BMW 3-Series performs.

There are some common signs that indicate a potentially worn or broken ball joint that you can watch out for. Watch out for if your car suddenly jolts or drives inconsistently. This rough finish may come as a surprise for 3-Series owners ,as this model is known for a smooth drive. At the first indication of your car driving differently, take it to an auto-repair specialist to diagnose the problem.

Noises and vibrations that come from the front of your car are key signs to look for. This may occur when driving over rough roads or turning. Since your suspension communicates directly with the direction of your car, it can greatly impact your steering wheel. Ball joint issues may cause your steering wheel to veer off to one side when you take your hands off of the wheel for even a moment. This could pose to be a major safety hazard if left unchecked.

Wear And Tear

If you drive your car frequently and test its power, you are likely to experience issues with general wear and tear. This is one of the primary causes for ball joint damage to the 3-Series specifically. Grease is one of the primary ways to maintain the durability of the ball joint. However, when the grease is worn out over time, it can cause some serious damage to the functionality of your ball joint. Much like a broken human joint, rotating or moving it around may be difficult, which can make steering difficult.

Dried-Out Seals

The ball joint is covered with tight seals that help to hold everything in place. Over time, these seals may eventually crack which allows debris, oil, and dirt to enter into your tires. When the oil and dirt combine, this may result in a broken seal, which will directly affect how your car drives. Speak with a mechanic about checking the seals on your ball joint if you suspect this to be an issue on your car.

Environmental Factors

If you park your car outside, it is more susceptible to the elements. Extremely hot weather can dry out the oil located within the ball joints, thus making debris an issue. During rainy weather or high humidity, the steel on the ball joints may begin to break apart. This can result in cracked or even broken ball joints.

How We Can Help

If you believe you are experiencing issues with your ball joint, don’t wait for the unexpected to happen or for your ride to get more dangerous. Take action to get your car properly serviced by the people who know BMWs the best. Our expert professionals at Schearer’s Sales and Service Inc., have been servicing the European vehicles of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA since 1995. Our mechanical professionals are ready to provide exemplary service and maintenance to your vehicle.

BMW F31 3-Series

We know how important quality and detailed mechanics are to German models such as the BMW 3-Series. Through dealership quality diagnostics, our expert service technicians are able to provide reliable and easy to understand information on how to get the best ride possible out of your BMW. Schedule an appointment with us today to keep your 3-series running and riding smoothly.

* BMW F31 3-Series image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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