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Why Does Engine Misfiring Occur In Your Audi?

by schearerswpadmin July 13, 2018

Engine misfiring is never a good sign; it usually indicates a problem with one or more of your Audi’s systems that requires servicing or repair. In this article, we’ll go over the common symptoms and causes of engine misfiring and what you can do as a concerned Audi owner to prevent this from occurring in your own car.

What Is Engine Misfiring Anyway?
Engine misfiring can take a serious toll on your Audi’s longevity, performance, and value. Engine misfiring can be caused by any number of issues, but it’s usually due to a sinister problem in your vehicle’s functioning that should be addressed immediately. Engine misfiring is described differently depending on the driver and the specific car; however, generally speaking it feels like your car is hesitating, bucking, jerking, stumbling upon acceleration.

Are Audi Cars More Prone To Engine Misfiring?
All vehicles are susceptible to the same issues, although some vehicles tend to experience some symptoms more than others. Audi vehicles aren’t particularly known for engine misfiring; however, there have been frequently-documented instances of engine misfiring more recently, which may indicate that as vehicles age they tend to be more prone to engine misfiring. If you drive an Audi, especially if it has higher mileage and wear, then you should be sure to follow up with any troubling symptoms your car exhibits to prevent engine misfiring.

What To Look Out For When Your Engine Misfires:
Engine misfiring rarely occurs on its own; in other words, there are usually other symptoms or warning signs in your vehicle’s performance that will alert you of where the issue could be arising from. Your Audi specialist will investigate further, and potentially ask you some questions about the following factors in order to better assess your car’s issue:

How your car is performing otherwise
The way your car behaves is a huge indicator or where the problem is originating. These few things can help your automotive technician determine how to address an engine misfiring issue going forward:

Running conditions

As we mentioned before, drivers describe engine misfiring as a stumbling or hesitation upon acceleration; however, drivers may also notice stalling or surging in addition to engine misfiring.

Fuel economy

Engine misfiring usually takes a toll on your engine’s fuel economy, as it isn’t using fuel wisely or efficiently at all. If you begin to notice a drop in your Audi’s gas mileage, it’s always a good idea to have it checked out—especially if you’re also experiencing misfiring!

Emissions testing

Engine misfiring in relation to an airflow issue can cause an inefficient mixture of fuel and oxygen that isn’t optimal for combustion, and may lead to emissions issues.

Warning lights
When your car detects that there’s an issue with performance, it alerts the driver via a warning light in your dashboard, usually the check-engine light will come on if your engine misfires. This warning light can greatly impact the diagnostic process, as your Audi technician will be able to read the trouble codes emitted by your car and treat it accordingly.

Common Causes Of Engine Misfiring
As we mentioned before, there may be several different reasons why your Audi is misfiring. These are a few of the most common causes of engine misfiring in Audi vehicles:

Timing issues – timing problems can usually be attributed to a misaligned or worn-out timing belt. In older Audi models, this is more commonly the issue. This must be addressed quickly; if the timing belt or chain snaps, it can cause irreparable damage to your engine.

Malfunctioning ignition system – ignition system problems can be attributed to the ignition control module failing in addition to spark plug wear or ignition coil failure.

Various fuel system issues – clogged fuel injectors, valves, or filters can all lead to engine misfiring as well as diminished fuel efficiency.

What You Can Do To Prevent Or Fix Engine Misfiring
By following these few guidelines, you can address engine misfiring effectively, or prevent it all together for the life of your car:

Talk to an Audi expert
Differential diagnosis
Use high quality replacement parts
Follow your maintenance plan
Audi Check Engine Light

How We Can Help You
Here at Schearer’s Sales & Service, Inc., we are proud to serve Audi clients from all over the areas of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA. With over 700 reviews and counting, our clients appreciate our five-star service and expertise working with Audi vehicles and other European imports. Engine misfiring is critical to treat immediately, as it can wreak havoc on your Audi the longer the problem remains. If you’ve experienced engine misfiring in your own car, please contact us to schedule a diagnostic procedure right away.

* Audi A6 image credit goes to: ABykov.

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