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Why Do Timing Belt Problems Occur In Volvos?

by schearerswpadmin August 29, 2018

When driving your Volvo, it is always important to be observant and familiarize yourself with the car’s typical operation. This will enable you as the driver to quickly detect any odd behavior coming from the car. One issue to look out for is the malfunction of the engine’s timing belt.

Depending on the car’s make, the breakdown of the timing belt is commonly just a general sign of age in the car. After several thousand miles have been put on the car, the belt will simply begin to wear down. In order to protect your car from more damage to its engine, here are just a few tips on noticing the signs and symptoms of timing belt failure.

Causes And Signs Of Timing Belt Malfunction
Make it a habit to check under the hood of your Volvo. By doing this, you will be able to notice any visual deterioration to the car’s inner mechanics. Specifically, if you have the tools and means necessary, you can check for signs of wear and tear on the engine’s timing belt. Notice the condition of the timing belt’s teeth. Because the teeth provide proper operation of the belt, any damage done to the teeth will transfer to the belt. If the teeth are frayed or broken, the timing belt will suffer.

If the belt is split in any way or is covered in liquid like oil or coolant, the best action to take is immediate replacement. You can also visually check to see if the belt is properly installed or aligned. Misalignment can prevent the timing belt from operating correctly. Sometimes, simply adjusting the belt can cause the car to run normally again.

Another indicator that the timing belt is starting to break down is if you are having trouble getting the car to start. If it takes several tries of turning the key in the ignition before the engine turns over, this could be due to a faulty timing belt. Strange noises coming from the engine are also huge red flags. Listen carefully to the frequency and pitch of the noises your car is making. High pitched whining or clacking noises are often signs of a ruined timing belt.

While this is not always the case, problems with leaky oil or oil pressure can be the consequence of a damaged belt. This could be because the belt is loose and needs to be tightened. However, the problem should be addressed promptly as oil leaking onto the belt can cause further decay.

Dangers Of Having A Faulty Timing Belt
Because of the potential risk involved with having your engine’s timing belt malfunction, it is important to get it repaired quickly.

If the belt is showing signs of wear like cracks or splits, it is likely that continuous use of the timing belt will cause it to snap completely. If this occurs, this can cause further damage to the engine itself. When the timing belt breaks, it leaves the valves, pistons, cylinders, and camshafts vulnerable. It can cause the valves to warp and cylinders to become severely damaged.

Because timing and precision is essential in the proper operation of cars, having these sorts of things damaged or broken can affect the performance of the engine and cause your car to become unsafe for driving. If the timing belt snaps while you are driving, the car will become immediately disabled.

Another potential risk of not replacing a faulty timing belt is the possibility of breaking the piston rod. If the piston rod were to break through the engine case, the engine is destroyed. It is then left to the driver to either deal with the expense of replacing the engine or to buy a completely new car.

Volvo XC60How To Solve The Issue
If you are concerned that your timing belt may need to be adjusted or replaced, the expert mechanics at Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. are there to help. The shop is located in Allentown, PA and is a convenient and quick drive from Bethlehem and Macungie, PA. Schedule an appointment with the Schearer specialists to check the condition of your timing belt today. Our service technicians can do a quick diagnostic and get you back on the road with your Volvo in better condition than ever.

* Volvo XC60 on Road image credit goes to: gargantiopa.

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