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MINI Bad Motor Mount

Where to Replace a Motor Mount in Your Mini by Experts in Allentown

by schearerswpadmin April 2, 2021

Motor mounts support your Mini’s motor within the engine compartment. Your Mini will show symptoms very quickly if these mounts break. It would make your car difficult to operate while driving.

The Mini, a European import, is one of America’s favorite small cars. Reintroduced in the early 2000s, it has maintained its popularity over the years. Built with quality, they are known as reliable cars as long as the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations are followed.

Most cars will eventually have issues with motor mounts if driven on the road long enough. Follow along as we discuss what to when you need to replace a motor mount in Mini.

How a Motor Mount Works

Motor mounts come in solid rubber and rubber with a liquid filling. Both types hold the engine in place within your Mini and suppress any vibrations and possible damage caused when your engine is running. Although the rubber materials are tough and take on a lot of stress, they eventually wear enough so that the motor is allowed to vibrate against the metal of the car or even loosen. This can become dangerous.

Damage Caused By Bad Motor Mounts

A couple of serious issues will arise if your worn motor mounts continue in service after their life expectancy is over. Below are examples of what happens if allowed to operate too long.

  • Electrical Damage: Vibrations may not feel like much inside your car. Over time you may notice this happening gradually and not consider the seriousness of the problem. The electronics in your vehicle will, however, be impacted by even slight vibrations.

This happens because most electronics are sensitive to vibration. With many of your Mini’s sensors and other systems falling under the electronics categories, you will see failures that you cannot explain. All along, the electronics failures are due to operating your car with these vibrations.

  • Engine and Transmission Damage: The second function of your motor mounts keep your drivetrain from moving. When your car accelerates, the engine and transmission all twist with the torque produced from the engine. The motor mounts cushion this twist but hold the system firmly in place. Worn motor mounts allow the drivetrain to twist too much. This will cause mechanical damage to the drivetrain system if left to go unchecked.

Signs You Have Motor Mount Issues

If your Mini has developed a vibration felt within the passenger section of your car, or if you hear popping noises when you rev your engine, you may be experiencing motor mount issues. Not all vibrations are caused by motor mount issues. A misfiring engine will feel similar, but this is even more reason to bring your Mini to an expert technician to troubleshoot any signs of trouble.

How to Prevent Bad Motor Mounts

All cars will eventually have issues with motor mounts if used enough. The difference is when to replace motor mounts. It is far better to have your Mini’s motor mounts replaced during regular servicing than to have them break and your entire engine become severely damaged.

Recommended servicing is essential for any car, especially those on the road for a few years. Taking your car to a shop with experienced and certified technicians will prevent you from finding out you have significant issues while driving to work or a ballgame with your kids.

Experienced Mini technicians do more than change oil and add washer fluid in your Mini. Trained to spot worn motor mounts well before a complete failure occurs, our experienced mechanics will know when to recommend replacing them.

Where to Take Your Mini for Servicing

At Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc., serving Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA, our professional technicians will save MINI Bad Motor Mount Inspection you the headache of costly repairs from completely failed motor mounts. Since 1995, our family-owned business has excelled in servicing and repairing high-quality imports and domestic vehicles.

Growing through the years, and expanding our business through customer service and excellence, Schearer’s Sales and Service has become the most trusted service center in the area. Hiring and training only the best-qualified technicians and investing in state-of-the-art equipment has led to our success. Bring your Mini or other vehicles to our shop and allow us to earn your trust with our excellent service. Call us today!

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