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When To Replace The AC Condenser In Your Volvo

by schearerswpadmin June 15, 2018

Volvo cars are designed with comfort and luxury in mind—which is one of the reasons why they have such a loyal following of drivers. However, the modern conveniences of todays vehicles are often lost on us until the moment arises when we no longer are afforded such luxuries. For instance, when it’s the middle of the hot summer months and you are looking forward to blasting the cold air inside your Volvo with leather interior, only to find out that your air conditioner isn’t working, it can be highly inconvenient and uncomfortable to say the least.

Maintaining your Volvo’s AC system is part of ongoing maintenance and care, and the various components require different methods and intervals of servicing—such as the AC condenser. If you’re not sure what the condenser does for your Volvo’s AC system or how to know when it needs replacement, continue reading:

What Does The AC Condenser Do For Your Volvo?
Without a working AC condenser, you’ll be sorely disappointed with the quality of functioning coming from your AC system in your Volvo. The AC system is made up of many different components; however, the condenser is responsible for essentially making the air coming out of your vents the right temperature—as cold as possible! It’s main job is to take the refrigerant through the condensation process, turning it from gas into liquid, which can then circulate through the AC system, cooling the air that’s coming out of the vents. A bad condenser can lead to noticeable issues with the air conditioning system in your Volvo, and it could even have a poor effect on the other AC components.

Symptoms Of Failure Or Malfunction
Knowing when to service the condenser in your Volvo’s AC system often requires paying attention to differences in the quality of air coming out of your vents when the AC system is activated. It’s important to keep your eyes out for symptoms of condenser failure, but it’s critical to have a differential diagnosis performed to ensure that the problem lies within the condenser and not another AC system component. These are two signs to look out for when the condenser is malfunctioning or wearing out:

Leaking Refrigerant
Don’t panic—it’s normal for your AC system to leak condensation when the air conditioner has been running for a period of time; the system must expel the excess liquids that are produced. However, if you begin noticing a liquid that is not water beneath your car, then you might have a problem. You should never seen leaking refrigerant beneath your car—if you do, the problem can worsen and lead to AC system failure.

Inability to Cool the Cabin
We’ve all experienced an air conditioner in a car that simply doesn’t seem to work well enough to cool the entire inside of the cabin. Unfortunately, if this occurs in your Volvo then there might be something wrong with the AC condenser.

Other Indicators To Service Or Replace Your AC Condenser
Besides paying attention to and following up with any concerning symptoms that arise in your AC system, it is best to act preventively year round—especially before summer hits and you’re left without a working air conditioner. Performing frequent inspections and following your Volvo’s routine schedule of maintenance set forth by the manufacturer are the best ways to ensure that your air conditioner will be functioning optimally all year long. You should always consult with your Volvo specialist to make sure your car doesn’t require any other services before the summer months come.

How We Can Help You
The Volvo experts here at Schearer’s Sales & Service, Inc. provide the same quality work and expertise as nearby dealerships, but for much more affordable rates. We offer loaner vehicles at no cost, free shuttle services, and even a 24-month or 24k-mile warrant on our services. Our clients from the areas of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA, bring their cars to our shop because time and time again we prove our trustworthiness, expertise, and integrity. If you’d like to learn more about our shop or how we can help service your AC system before summer, please contact one of our helpful professionals directly or make an appointment through our website.

Volvo Panel II image credit goes to: Tina_Rencelj.

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