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What Is The Function Of EGR Valve In Audis?

by schearerswpadmin October 16, 2018

Often in life, it is the small things that make big differences. Boats can either be propelled by oars, vast sails, or great engine turbines, but the direction they go is determined by small rudders. The tiniest grain of sand in your shoe can feel like a boulder when you have a long way to walk. Similarly, there are many small parts that help keep a car going that might seem inconsequential, but in reality are imperative for your vehicle’s continued operation. This is especially true of cars known for intricate engineering, like Audis.

Your EGR Valve in your Audi is one of those small parts that makes a big difference in your vehicle. Unless you have a very old vehicle, you have one in your engine and it performs some very important tasks.

What Is An EGR Valve?
The EGR Valve is a term that refers to your Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve, and it has two very important jobs in your Audi.

First, it monitors your exhaust system, making sure harmful gasses are not released into the atmosphere or into your car. This ensures that your Audi is able to pass the strict vehicle emission inspections, and also helps keep you and the environment safe. It does this work by controlling the temperature of combustion. High temperature combustion produces nitrous oxide and other harmful greenhouse gasses. By reducing the temperature of the combustion that powers your Audi, your EGR Valve is able to reduce the amount of excess gasses produced by your engine.

Second, it makes sure that gas is burned clearly and efficiently in the proper place, rather than combusting, or “detonating” in the engine, causing engine knock, which damages the engine.

What Kind Of Signs Show That Your EGR Valve Is Failing?
If your EGR Valve is not operating correctly, you may experience several different symptoms. You will probably notice a loss of engine power while driving. Your car may drive like it is not getting enough gas. Along with poor power, you will notice that it is not getting gas mileage the way it normally does. If you have a digital screen that monitors gas mileage, it may tell you this immediately, otherwise you will note that you have to fill the tank more often than normal. You may notice that your Audi is releasing more exhaust than normal. The final symptom of EGR Valve failure is engine ping or engine knocking.

Gas escaping through the exhaust is not a good thing for your car, but it is not an immediate safety issue. Neither is poor gas mileage. However, if gas is detonating in your engine loud enough for you to hear it (engine knocking or pinging) you need to get your Audi looked over right away. An unintentional explosion in your car is the last thing you want to have while driving.

How Do You Fix An EGR Valve?
Every EGR Valve is specifically calibrated for the individual engine it sits on. It is attached to the intake manifold most of the time and functions as a mechanical component in older vehicles, employing a vacuum connection. Newer models use an electronic mechanism, meaning that it may be an electrical malfunction causing it to fail.

Since the EGR Valve needs to be specifically calibrated, it is best left to professionals to install, repair, or recalibrate it. If you try to fix the EGR Valve yourself, you take the risk of calibrating it incorrectly, causing further engine damage and safety risk to yourself and others.

Help For Your Audi’s EGR Valve
If you are searching for professional service and quality care for your Audi or other European Automobile, look no further than Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. Our service technicians at Schearer’s has been serving Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA for many years. Our loyal customers praise our professionalism, courtesy, efficient service, and reliable repairs — all aspects of our business we pride ourselves on.

Audi Mechanic Checking EGR ValveWe give you the big picture when servicing your car and let you know about any potential issues from their thorough evaluations. We’re happy to show you all your options. Check out Schearer’s Sales and Service’s website for a service discount coupon to be used at your next visit.

* Black Audi S4 image credit goes to: kurmyshov.

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