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Volkswagen Starting Issue

Understanding Starter Motor Failure in a Volkswagen

by schearerswpadmin October 19, 2022

The starter motor is a small electric unit that starts the engine. A starting relay transmits power between the battery and the starter motor. You won’t be able to start your vehicle without a properly-functioning starter relay and motor, and you may need a tower.

In this article, we’ll look at some key points to remember regarding starter motor failure, including its causes and symptoms, as well as what you can do about it.

The Usual Causes of Starter Issues

A number of problems can lead to a bad starter, including:

  • Battery corrosion
  • Oil leakage
  • Faulty fuse
  • Loose wiring in the starter motor

Symptoms of Starter Failure

Your Volkswagen gives off several signs to alert you of a possible starter failure, and here are some of them:

  • The starter engages, but the motor does not spin: The starter will turn on when you turn the key in the ignition or push the button to start. However, when the starter motor has failed, you will not hear the engine come to life. Starter problems can be electrical or mechanical in nature. In this situation, the problem could be caused by the flywheel’s gears. The flywheel may have become displaced. In either case, the engine refuses to start, needing starter replacement by a competent mechanic.
  • When attempting to start the motor, there may be a grating noise: This warning sign appears when the gears connecting the starting to the flywheel are worn out, similar to the condition mentioned above. However, grinding can also occur within the body. It’s unfixable, unfortunately, and will need to be replaced. If the noise persists without the starter being changed, the engine may be harmed, which is an expensive repair to rectify.
  • Presence of smoke on ignition: The starter is a mechanical system that is powered by electricity. The starting may overheat the unit if power is supplied to it indefinitely. The starter may not fail to shut off once the car’s engine has started. You’ll probably perceive smoke coming from underneath the engine if this occurs. A blown fuse or an issue with the ignition switch could all be to blame. Consequently, if you identify this issue, you should contact a professional to help to tow you to our shop for immediate assistance.
  • Vehicle won’t start: When you try to start the ignition but nothing happens, the starter motor is one of the top reasons why. There may be no motor noise at all or a loud noise. This can often be caused by a faulty starter solenoid, or it could be from a motor undergoing an electrical problem. It’s also not impossible for the culprit to be a dead battery. More often than not, they tend to be the sources of such issues. If this happens, you should contact our repair shop to inspect the ignition system, the starter motor, and other electrical parts in total.
  • Interior lights go dull on ignition: When you start your Volkswagen, a short circuit in the starter motor’s mechanism may cause your internal lights to flicker or become dull. The starter motor may draw extra current from the vehicle’s other components. If the dimming lights are accompanied by a chugging sound, the starter motor’s bearings may be failing. In any case, it is time to have your VW inspected immediately.
  • Issues with starting sporadically: Fixing dirty or loose wiring in the starter, which can make the car kickstart infrequently, can be tricky. It’s also possible that a malfunctioning or broken electrical system is to blame. Even if you only have intermittent starting problems, you should have your starter checked to avoid being stuck in an unknown location.

Schearer’s Sales & Service for Your Volkswagen

Because there is no planned or recommendable Volkswagen Starter Motor remedy to prevent starter problems, they are difficult to avoid and simply occur naturally with wear and tear of your VW. If you suspect a starter motor failure, contact us at Schearer’s Sales & Service in Allentown, PA right away.

Scheduled car maintenance and repairs are performed by our team of skilled technicians to keep you on the road! Come by today or call us to book an appointment if you observe any indication of a starter motor failure. We are here for you!

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