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Lexus Wheel Alignment

Top Mistakes To Avoid During Lexus Wheel Alignments

by schearerswpadmin December 15, 2023

When it comes to maintaining the optimum performance of your Lexus, wheel alignment is a crucial aspect. Proper alignment ensures smooth driving, prolongs tire life, and improves fuel efficiency. However, there are common mistakes that even experienced mechanics or car owners can make during a Lexus wheel alignment. Let’s explore the top mistakes to avoid to ensure your Lexus runs at its best.

Ignoring Manufacturer Specifications

Each Lexus model has specific alignment specifications set by the manufacturer. One of the biggest mistakes is not adhering to these guidelines. Ignoring these can lead to poor handling, increased tire wear, and even safety issues. It’s essential to consult the Lexus manual or database for the exact alignment specifications for your model.

Overlooking Tire Condition

Before proceeding with an alignment, inspect the tires for wear and tear. Uneven tire wear can indicate alignment issues, but aligning wheels without addressing the underlying tire problems is futile. Ensure that the tires are in good condition, properly inflated, and are of the recommended size for your Lexus model.

Neglecting Suspension and Steering Components

Wheel alignment is not just about the wheels. It’s a comprehensive process that involves checking the condition of suspension and steering components. Worn out ball joints, bushings, or tie rods can affect the alignment. These components should be inspected and repaired or replaced as necessary before performing an alignment.

Incorrect Use of Alignment Equipment

Modern Lexus models often require advanced alignment equipment for accurate results. Using outdated or improperly calibrated tools can lead to incorrect alignment. Technicians should be trained in the use of such equipment and ensure it’s regularly calibrated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Failing to Test Drive Before and After Alignment

A pre-alignment test drive can reveal a lot about the vehicle’s alignment needs, such as pulling to one side or an off-centered steering wheel. Similarly, a post-alignment test drive is crucial to ensure that the alignment is correctly done and the vehicle handles as expected.

Disregarding the Rear Wheels in AWD Vehicles

All-wheel-drive Lexus models require all four wheels to be aligned. Focusing only on the front wheels can lead to drivetrain issues and uneven tire wear. Ensure that both the front and rear alignments are checked and adjusted as necessary.

Ignoring Customer Feedback

Sometimes, customers might report specific issues such as the car pulling to one side or unusual tire wear. Technicians should take these complaints seriously, as they can provide clues to underlying alignment issues.

Not Updating Alignment Specifications

Lexus periodically updates alignment specifications. Technicians should ensure they are working with the most current alignment specifications for the specific Lexus model. Outdated specifications can lead to improper alignment.

Rushing the Process

Wheel alignment is a precise process that shouldn’t be rushed. Rushing can lead to oversight of critical aspects of the alignment procedure, resulting in suboptimal performance of the vehicle.

Skipping Alignment after Suspension Modifications

If you’ve modified the suspension of your Lexus, it’s imperative to perform a wheel alignment. Suspension modifications can significantly alter the vehicle’s alignment, and failing to realign can result in poor handling and tire wear.

Enhance The Driving Experience Of Your Lexus

Avoiding these common mistakes can ensure that your Lexus wheel alignment is done correctly, enhancing your driving experience and extending the life of your vehicle. Always use a reputable service center with experienced technicians who understand the specific needs of Lexus vehicles. Remember, a well-aligned car is not just a pleasure to drive but also safer and more economical in the long run.

Get Your Lexus Wheel Alignment At Schearer’s Sales and Service

Contact Schearer’s Sales and Service today for exceptional Lexus wheel alignment services in Allentown, PA. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch automotive care that extends beyond Allentown, serving the needs of customers in the neighboring areas of Bethlehem and Macungie as well.

Whether you’re facing alignment issues or just need a routine check-up for your Lexus, Schearer’s Sales and Service is here to offer unparalleled service and care for your vehicle.Our team of expert technicians is equipped with the latest technology to ensure your Lexus operates at its best. If you’re in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Macungie, reach out to us for reliable, efficient, and precise wheel alignment services. Trust us to keep your Lexus performing smoothly on the road.

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