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Land Rover Engine Fuel Leak

Tips to Identify Engine Fuel Leaks in Your Land Rover

by schearerswpadmin January 25, 2022

Several pieces work together under the hood of a strong and dependable vehicle like a Land Rover to offer the safety and comfort you expect. However, parts might become bad or break down unexpectedly. Unexpected engine fuel leaks are a common problem with Land Rovers, prompting multiple recalls to fix the problem.

Fuel leaks impact the flow and the pressure of fuel fed to the engine. This, in turn, affects the performance of your vehicle. A balanced fuel and fuel pressure are required for your vehicle engine to continuously create power. Hence, erratic fuel supply to your engine will impact your vehicle’s performance.

A fuel leak in your vehicle engine should be taken seriously. Leaving it unattended and prolonging its repair might have long-term consequences. As a result, it is recommended to get your automobile diagnosed by a specialist immediately after you notice fuel leaks from your vehicle.

Let’s look at the various signs of a fuel leak in your Land Rover’s engine and factors that cause fuel to leak in the engine.

Signs of Engine Fuel Leaks in your Land Rover

Fuel leaks in an engine may present in various ways, and these indications should not be overlooked. Some of these may happen if fuel is leaking from your engine:

  • Strong Fuel Smell: A gasoline stench coming from the engine, or worse, from inside your automobile, is the first indicator of a gasoline leak. No fuel should be able to seep out of the fuel system because it is an enclosed system. Hence, if you smell gas, it’s evident that there’s a leak somewhere in the system.
  • Poor Fuel Economy: When your fuel tank is leaking, your Land Rover’s fuel economy will almost certainly decrease.
  • Ignition Problems: Since your vehicle isn’t getting the right amount of gasoline required to start the combustion process, you may have issues getting your vehicle to start. When you’re having problems getting your Land Rover to start, you could notice these impacts in the sound of your engine faltering while it’s idling.
  • Fuel Residue Under the Vehicle: If you notice drops of fuel on the ground beneath the engine, it could be a sign of fuel leaking from the engine.
  • Vapor/Mist in the Fuel Line: If your Land Rover is equipped with high-pressure fuel injectors, a leak in the fuel system might result in high-pressure vapors or mists surrounding the engine or exhaust. This might be a hint of an impending breakdown and should not be overlooked.

Causes of Engine Fuel Leak

Some major factors which cause engine fuel leaks are:

  • Poorly Fitted Gas Caps: The end covers on the gasoline rails are not sealed. This causes engine gasoline to spill into the engine compartment in many circumstances, potentially resulting in a fire. Due to this fault, Land Rover has issued recalls for the 2018 Discovery Sport, Range Rover Evoque, and Range Rover Velar.
  • Leaking Fuel Tank: It’s possible that your fuel tank has been punctured or damaged. This isn’t an often reported issue with Land Rovers. Accidents and environmental factors, such as road debris, are the most common causes.
  • Bad Fuel Lines: Your vehicle’s fuel lines are responsible for transporting gasoline from the tank to the combustion chamber. It’s conceivable that a hole will form if a sharp item, like a rock, comes into contact with the fuel line.
  • Failed Fuel Injectors: The fuel injector seals are critical components of the car’s fuel system. If a manufacturing fault occurs, the accumulation of fuel in the gas tank may cause some to be expelled from the high-pressure system.

Seek Professional Help for Your Land Rover

If your Land Rover’s engine is leaking fuel, or you notice any of the signs discussed above, bring your Land Rover Land Rover Fuel Injector Check to us at Schearer’s Sales and Service Inc. Our service center is in Macungie, PA, and we proudly serve the surrounding areas of Allentown and Bethlehem.

At Schearer’s Sales and Service Inc., our shop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment to ensure quality service. We aim to earn absolute client loyalty by providing error-free service on time and with exceptional service. We’ll even schedule your recall and factory warranty appointments for you, so you don’t have to worry about that. Please call or visit our shop to schedule your next service appointment.

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