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Tips To Detect Front Strut Issues In Your BMW From The Best Repair Shop In Allentown

by schearerswpadmin June 16, 2019

Driving any model of BMW is a luxury. They are vehicles you expect to perform at top of the line standards. In order to keep your BMW functioning in top condition, you will want to take care of it the way it takes care of you. However, one issue that you may run into with your BMW is front strut issues. In the article below, you will find out more information as to what the front strut is and why it is important. You will also be able to read up on different symptoms to be aware of that point to issues with your BMW’s front strut.

What Is A Front Strut?

In your BMW, the front strut is part of the suspension mechanism. The front strut is made up of the spring and the shock absorber. The spring is a coil spring and has the purpose of supporting the weight of your BMW. It also absorbs large bumps so you do not feel them as much while driving.

The shock absorber is fitted above, below, or right down the middle of the spring. The main purpose of the shock absorber is to dampen vibrations. It also helps to hold the weight of your BMW. So when you are thinking about the front strut of your BMW, you should be aware of the 2 parts that are included.

Not A Smooth Ride

One way that you will be able to detect that there is an issue with the front strut of your BMW is if you feel a change while your drive. Normally, you are used to your BMW giving you a smooth driving experience because the front strut is absorbing any extra energy that may be coming from large potholes or road damage.

Once there is an issue with the front strut, your ride will no longer be smooth. You will feel every large and small bump that you drive over. When you feel every divot and imperfection, it can make for an unpleasant ride. Each bump will jerk your BMW in a way that you are not used to, and it may become difficult for you to maintain control.

If you notice this starting to happen, you want to take your BMW in for servicing. You can describe the issue as you are experiencing a “rough” or “bumpy” ride. This phrasing will cue the technicians onto the fact that there may be an issue with the front strut in your BMW.

Knocking Sounds

When going over bumps or through areas with slight divots in the road, you may hear loud knocking sounds coming from the front of your BMW. If this is the case, then it is is possible that there is an issue with the front strut. This knocking sound should indicate to you that the front strut has come out of place and it is rattling around in places where it shouldn’t be. The loud knocking, in addition to the bumpy ride, is most likely pointing you to an issue with the front strut in your BMW.

Uneven Tires

Another way that you will be able to detect an issue with the front strut of your BMW is if your tires are unevenly wearing out. If the front strut is having an issue, then that means it is not doing its proper job of supporting your BMW. The front strut will no longer be carrying the weight of your BMW, so it will cause more pressure on the front tires. This extra weight will cause the tires more road friction as you drive, so they will lose their rubber more quickly. You will be able to tell the difference between the wear of the front and back tires.

Servicing Your BMW

As soon as you notice any one of these signs pointing toward front strut issues in your BMW, you will want to take it in BMW Front Strut Issue Checkfor a servicing. At Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc., you will find highly-trained and certified techniciansthat will take amazing care of your BMW.

Conveniently accessible from the areas of AllentownBethlehem, and MacungiePAour team will service your BMW quickly and use the most up-to-date equipment to properly diagnose what is causing the issues with the front strut. Once that issue is identified and we agree on the repair plan, we will replace the part with dealership-quality parts without charging you dealership prices. You will leave with a fully-repaired BMW the first time your car is serviced because you can count on the work being done right. Call us or stop by for a consultation.

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