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Jaguar Automatic Transmission Jerking

The Leading Repair Shop in Allentown to Fix a Jaguar’s Automatic Transmission Jerking

by schearerswpadmin January 28, 2023

The experience of owning a Jaguar, regardless of age or newness, can be exhilarating. With their stylish and luxurious design, Jaguar’s provide safety with an incredibly smooth driving experience. Your Jaguar is made of many systems with complex components to provide you and your passengers with this reliably safe and comfortable ride. With time, however, your automatic transmission may begin to jerk and lurch when shifting. The reason why can be attributed to several factors, and we’ll discuss them below.

A Clogged Transmission Filter

Located in front of the transmission fluid pump, the transmission filter separates stray particles out of the transmission fluid. For comparison, an oil filter in your car performs the same function as this device.

Transmission fluid acts as a hydraulic fluid by applying pressure to the moving parts in your Jaguar’s transmission to shift gears while the oil lubricates the moving parts. As a result of foreign particles entering the transmission fluid filter, there will be an imbalance in the pressure, causing friction points that will eventually damage the transmission.

A clogged filter causes erratic gear shifting and cuts off pressure in unpredictable ways, resulting in jerking and lurching when shifting. Jaguars are intended for smooth operation, so if they are performing erratically, there is a possibility that damage will spread to adjacent components.

Deficiency of Transmission Fluid

If your car or SUV accelerates or decelerates suddenly before you expect it, then there is a problem. A sudden gear shift will result in a jerking motion inside the cabin. If you ride in a car with a manual transmission, it may feel like you are riding with a teenager who is inexperienced behind the wheel. This is detrimental to your safety on the road or the overall performance of your Jaguar. It will only worsen over time if there is insufficient transmission fluid, resulting in incorrect gear shifting and worsening jerking sensations every time you drive it until the root of the problem is found and the components replaced or repaired.

Faulty Sensors

Your Jaguar’s transmission may also experience shift jerking due to faulty sensors. Errors in engine data may cause this rough shifting if the signals are faulty and not timed correctly. This needs to be diagnosed by a Jaguar specialist.

Watch for These Warning Signs of an Automatic Transmission Failure

When the automatic transmission in your Jaguar begins to fail, you should be able to detect it early. Our  experts will perform a diagnostic check to identify the exact cause of the problem in order to fix it quickly and efficiently.

  • Transmission Fluid Leaks: Leaks under your Jaguar should never be ignored. The fluid may be from the transmission if it is a deep red-colored fluid. Keeping the transmission fluid level at maximum is essential for smooth shifting. A low level will result in incorrect timing of gear shifting.
  • Check Engine Light Illumination: Several factors can cause the check engine light to illuminate. Have a diagnostic scan performed if you notice the engine light on, as this may be caused by something as simple as a loose gas cap or something as critical as the malfunctioning of an automatic transmission.
  • Trouble Shifting Between Gears: It is evident that your Jaguar’s automatic transmission is malfunctioning when there is trouble shifting. Shifting gears is usually accompanied by a jolt or a hesitation and then a lurching feeling when the gears finally align.
  • Strong Vibrations: Symptoms of automatic transmission failure include excessive vibrations. It is often during acceleration that vibrations occur.
  • Engine Overheats: An ailing transmission puts additional stress on the engine which will have to work harder, possibly resulting in overheating and damage to other parts.
  • The Smell of Burning Fluid: Transmission fluid can leak into the engine when there is a crack in the lines or another problem. During the combustion process, the fluid burns, and there is a distinct smell, similar to that of burning rubber.

No One Repairs Your Jaguar Better than Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc.

A jerking transmission in your Jaguar’s Jaguar Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush should not occur, so if you encounter any issues with your automatic transmission, it is time to have your Jaguar serviced. Bring your Jaguar to Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc, where we will ensure proper maintenance and servicing to get you confidently back on the road. We are conveniently accessible from Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA. Call us today, as our technicians will have your Jaguar running like new in no time!

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