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Porsche Battery Warning

The Best Avoidance Tactics for a Porsche Battery Failure

by schearerswpadmin November 21, 2022

Although Porsche is a luxury vehicle, it usually has issues with the battery, to the frustration of many users. Prior to attempting to solve any significant electrical issue, you must confirm that your battery and alternator are in good condition. A battery that reads 12V could be dangerous! The Cold Crank Amp performance, often known as CCA, is an important metric, as it represents the ability to start an automobile when there is snow on the ground. Each battery’s CCA rating is shown on the casing. The battery also displays the date of manufacture.

Regardless of how often your Porsche is used, batteries deteriorate quickly after 5 years. If your seven-year-old battery is still functioning properly in a warm environment, be ready because the performance will soon decline. The older your battery the likely it is that you will have to change the battery. You can test it as a preventative maintenance measure, but the time will soon come, and you don’t want to be stranded when it happens.

The Alternator

Many people are unaware that the alternator powers the vehicle’s battery, which starts the engine. While the engine operates, the alternator charges the battery at a predetermined rate. A 14.4V charge level should be visible when you test the alternator with the engine running slightly above idle rpm. If the battery is capable of accepting the charge, this amount of power will keep it in good condition.

The battery will not charge efficiently and will weaken over time if the alternator is producing a little lower than 13V or higher than 15V. If your alternator cannot charge the battery, the car will not start, and you’ll see some additional electrical problems. These days, Porsche alternators are highly dependable; therefore, replacing them is not common.

How to Fix a Drawn-Out Battery

We’ve talked about how the battery will degrade over an extended period of time and prevent you from starting your vehicle. When you turn the key or press the start button, you could have enough voltage to illuminate the dashboard and other features, but the engine might not start. Something may be drawing from the battery in this case:

  • It is necessary to isolate each circuit and its components in order to identify the battery drain. Start by disconnecting any equipment that has recently been altered or installed. Disconnect simple add-ons like power cords to tablets or phones.
  • Measure the battery’s amp drain when your Porsche is stationary using a meter. While parked, your car can be in either its awake or sleepy mode. Usually, the sleep mode won’t start working until about 30 minutes have passed since the car was last touched. Each car has a predetermined amp draw dependent on accessories for sleep mode, but it should be very low and distinct from the amp draw for awake mode. You should see a higher-than-average sleep mode amp draw at this point if there is a draw issue.
  • Pull fuses to isolate circuits. When you pull the fuse, take note of the amp draw before and after the change when the automobile enters sleep mode. This ought to pinpoint the problematic circuit. All that’s left to do is identify the circuit consumer that is causing the issue.
  • Your Porsche will wake up every time you make a modification, such as pulling a fuse, and you must wait 30 minutes for the sleep mode to activate in order to observe an amp change. This is frustrating. One can immediately understand why this may be a drawn-out operation by taking a look at the amount of fuses and allocating 30 minutes to each for testing. This is why you may opt to enlist the assistance of our Porsche technicians, whose expertise can save you the time and stress involved in identifying.

Schearer’s Sales & Service: Porsche Professionals

Your Porsche is too precious to Porsche Battery Test let battery failure stop you from enjoying it. When you bring your Porsche to Schearer’s Sales & Service, we’ll diagnose the problem immediately. Bethlehem, Allentown, and Macungie, PA, Porsche owners can get assistance from our Porsche specialists. Make an appointment today or call us now for your Porsche maintenance and it would go a long way to prevent battery failure.

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