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Buick Encore Car

Solve Your Buick’s Suspension Problems from the Experts of Allentown

by schearerswpadmin March 28, 2020

You should always feel safe when driving your Buick. One problem that can compromise that safety is suspension problems. Having any type of suspension problem can be dangerous to you and to those around you. The suspension helps to keep your drive safe and prevent any potential accidents that may occur when there is an issue. In order to solve the suspension problems of your Buick, you must first know the signs and symptoms that can point to issues with your suspension. Below, let’s take a look at the most obvious reasons to bring your Buick in for suspension service.

Pulling to One Side While Driving

The most common sign that there is a problem with the suspension in your Buick is pulling to either the left or the right side as you are driving. This means that if you were to briefly let go of the steering wheel, then the Buick would list to one side. Please note that this test is best done on a side road or a parking lot not frequently traveled by other cars. You would not want to put yourself or others in unnecessary danger.

Another way to tell that your Buick is pulling is if you have noticed that you have to constantly turn your steering wheel to one side to keep it driving straight within the lane lines on the road.

Once the alignment of the suspension is off, you will begin to experience more problems than just pulling to one side. When this happens, one side of your vehicle is getting more use than the other. This means one side of your Buick is going to need repairs or replacement parts, such as tires and struts, at a quicker rate. Even though it is most likely a suspension problem, diagnosing the true cause of pulling should be left to your trusted mechanic because in the end, the problem could be something more or other than the suspension.

Bumpy Driving Experience

Another sign that should indicate to you that there is an issue with the suspension is that you are feeling every single bump on the road as your drive. The suspension in your Buick has a main function of providing you with a smooth ride every time you drive. If the suspension is working properly, then you will not feel the small bumps or indentations in the road.

The shock absorbers are in place to do just as their name suggests, absorb the shocks that you may find throughout your drive. Once this no longer occurs, then you know that there is a problem with the struts or shocks in the suspension.

One way to test and confirm this suspension problem is to put all your weight on one side of the car and see how bouncy it is once you let go. If your Buick is bouncing three or more times after you let go, then there is an issue with the suspension because the shock of your weight was not absorbed. This test is only possible while parked, so make sure you are in a safe place when performing it.

A Low-Sitting Corner

A third sign that points to suspension problems in your Buick is one side of the vehicle that sits lower than the others. When this occurs, it usually means that there is a damaged spring on that side of the vehicle. Most of the time you will be able to identify this suspension problem just by looking at your Buick. If one side of your vehicle is not lining up with the rest, then there is a suspension problem. Another way to tell that this sign means a suspension problem is if you are hearing clunking noises as you go over bumps while driving.

Fixing your Buick Suspension Problems

Once you are able to pinpoint one of the Buick Suspension Problems Fix above-mentioned signs, it is time to bring your Buick into an expert. Here at Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc., we are able to provide you and your Buick with the attention that is required.

All of our technicians have been trained and certified in Buick models, so you can feel confident in choosing us to repair and service your car. We are accessible from the areas of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA and are always available to you for an appointment. Our goal is to get you safely back on the road as soon as possible without expensive prices.

* Buick Encore Car image credit goes to: DarthArt.

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