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Volkswagen Overheated Engine

Signs of a Coolant Temperature Sensor Failure in Your Volkswagen

by schearerswpadmin October 15, 2021

Volkswagen models are known for their reliability, affordability, and stylish designs, so when something goes wrong with a VW, it is often completely unexpected. A coolant temperature sensor failure is a mishap that can occur in your Volkswagen, and while it can cause some problems it isn’t always drastically urgent to get it fixed.

Of course, you don’t want to drive around long-term with a failed coolant temperature sensor, but you can take your time to find a professional technician who will fix it or repair it properly without worry. When you own a Volkswagen model you expect it to last long-term with minimal issues, so Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. is here to make that a reality. There is no reason why you cannot keep your VW for years to come. Maintenance and service-when-needed is the key. We can give you some detailed information on your temperature sensor, why it’s important, and what to do if you suspect something is wrong with it in your Volkswagen model.

Indications of a Bad Coolant Temperature Switch

One of the main consequences of a coolant temperature sensor that has failed is when your VW’s engine overheats as a result. So, looking for signs that this breakdown is about to occur is key to getting it fixed in a timely manner. Check out some of the most recognizable symptoms below:

  • Reduced fuel economy: When your VW’s coolant temperature sensor goes bad, you wouldn’t think it would affect your vehicle’s fuel economy. However, complications within the computer can send improper signals to the fueling mechanism and can hinder fuel economy.
  • Smoking engine: Just as it sounds, a Volkswagen may emit black smoke when its coolant temperature sensor isn’t working right. When your engine reaches extreme temperatures, it can get hot enough to warp the metal parts inside! Components will then leak and produce smoke.
  • Overheated engine: Without having a way to measure coolant levels or quality, an overheated engine could occur along with the rapid deterioration of parts, belts, hoses, and leaking fluids.
  • Check engine light illumination: Perhaps the most obvious sign of a bad coolant temperature sensor is your dashboard warning light. This indicator turns on in the center dash.

Can you drive with a bad coolant temperature sensor?

Technically, you could drive wherever you want to, but you must remain cognizant that this sensor is not working as it should. Keep in mind that this system affects the cooling and utilization of fuel in your engine, so it’s best to have it checked out quickly by a certified technician who knows your car well and is certified to work on VWs.

Replacing a Faulty Coolant Temperature Sensor in Your Volkswagen

Replacing a coolant temperature sensor isn’t as simple as fixing it yourself with a YouTube video tutorial. Below is how a technician will properly replace a temperature sensor:

  1. Disconnect the battery after the vehicle and the engine are completely cooled down.
  2. Remove plastic engine coverings.
  3. Partially drain the cooling system, doing a coolant flush if necessary.
  4. Disconnect the electrical sensor and replace it.
  5. Inspect connecting systems to ensure they were not damaged.
  6. Return parts to their positions accordingly to ensure its safety and proper function.

Schearer’s Sales & Auto Service to Make Your Volkswagen Safer

When you are having problems with your Volkswagen’s coolant temperature sensor failure, be sure to have Volkswagen Coolant Temperature Sensorthe experts at Shearer’s Sales & Auto Service inspect it. With years of experience, ASE-Certifications, and dedication to serving, Schearer’s Sales & Auto Services is simply the best there is. While a faulty coolant temperature failure is a mere inconvenience for some, it can completely disrupt driving for others. Our technician’s job is to provide honest advice on the best way to correct your Volkswagen’s coolant temperature sensor failure.

There is no better place to take your Volkswagen when you are concerned about quality care than Schearer’s Sales & Auto Service. We provide top-quality service to the communities in and around Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, Pennsylvania. If you live nearby and suspect your Volkswagen needs some tender care by professionals who are certified in your make and model, give us a call at Schearer’s Sales & Auto Service at (610) 395-2514.

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