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Repairing A Damaged ABS Accumulator In Your Jaguar

by schearerswpadmin March 18, 2019

Jaguars are among the top rated luxury brands in the world today. The vehicle’s manufacturer has continuously perfected the art of combining performance, durability and modern technology to ensure that Jaguar owners enjoy smooth, safe rides. However, despite the manufacturer continuing to perfect their designs, the vehicles under this brand are not immune to certain issues. ABS accumulator failure, for instance, is a problem that has been reported by many Jaguar owners.

What Is An ABS Accumulator?

The ABS accumulator is a storage device in which the hydraulic pressure that is required for the brake’s hold-release-reapply cycle is stored. In the modern Jaguar models, the ABS accumulator is automated and includes an electric pumpthat is responsible for the provision of the pressure that is applied in the hold-release-reapply cycle. The ABS accumulator is made up of other smaller components that all play a valuable role in storing the pressure needed for the cycle to run smoothly.

The ABS accumulator plays an important role in the anti-lock brake system that is normally activated when the emergency brakes are applied. This means that when the ABS accumulator becomes faulty, then chances are that the vehicle’s braking system may be faulty as well.

Reasons For ABS Accumulator Failure

The ABS accumulator in your Jaguar can fail for a number of reasons. A major reason for this failure is a faulty diaphragm. The diaphragm is a thick rubber device that helps hold the pressure in the accumulator as well as build it. This device can be broken at any time given the extremely high pressure that is in the ABS accumulator. When the diaphragm breaks, the hydraulic pressure escapes from the accumulator and this affects the braking system.

In addition, a broken diaphragm can permit fluid to leak into the accumulator, which will fill up and prevent the pressurized air from being stored in the first place. The smaller components that are found within the ABS braking system are the main contributors to the problems that may bring on ABS accumulator failure.

Another possible cause of ABS accumulator failure is as a result of a drop in nitrogen pressure. The nitrogen is used to keep the hydraulic fluid in the accumulator compressed and therefore highly pressurized.

Signs Of ABS Accumulator Failure

Bearing in mind the important role that the ABS accumulator plays in the ABS system, you will probably notice the difference when it fails in your Jaguar. The first sign that you will notice when the ABS accumulator fails is that the brake pedal will become unresponsive. The brake pedal is supposed to smoothly release the pent up pressure when pushed down but when the accumulator becomes faulty this may not be the case.

When the brake pedal is pushed down and it offers no resistance, instead the pedal just goes up and down without applying any force, chances are that the ABS accumulator has failed and the pressure stored in it has escaped. This can be quite dangerous, as if it happens while you are moving at speed it can be difficult to safely bring your car to a complete stop.

Addressing The Issue

When you start the engine of your car and the ABS accumulator fails to start rebuilding the pressure that it released when the car is put into gear then you Jaguar XE should immediately sought the help of a professional mechanic. The only viable solution in the event your Jaguar experiences an ABS accumulator failure is to get a replacement. This can only be done by a savvy mechanic with experience in dealing with luxury brands such as the Jaguar.

With the help of such a mechanic, your car will not run the risk of misdiagnosis as there are many other parts in the ABS system that can present with almost the same symptoms as those of an ABS accumulator failure. Moreover, a certified professional service center will likely have access to manufacturer recommended replacement parts to fit into your car.

Schearer’s Sales and Services is the one-stop shop for all your Jaguar needs. We have been in the luxury vehicle repair business for a long time owing to our professionalism and quality of service. We are located conveniently to AllentownBethlehem, and MacungiePA and are available to help many more Jaguar drivers. Contact us today and we’ll immediately get you an appointment with our qualified technicians.

* Jaguar XE image credit goes to: trangiap.

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