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Reasons for Cylinder Misfires in a Mercedes

by schearerswpadmin September 23, 2019

Mercedes is a leader in safety, luxury, and performance. They are highly recognizable and provide drivers with a comfortable ride. However, cylinder misfires are a common problem experienced by Mercedes owners. Once you have had a misfire, you may begin to notice poor engine performance and vibrations.

What is an engine misfire?

Your engine needs proper air-to-fuel ratio to operate. Under normal circumstances, the mixture is ignited providing power. If the explosion is premature or late, this is known as a misfire. This explosion creates a loud, surprising pop.

Causes of a Cylinder Misfire

There are several different issues that can lead to misfires. Most issues can be summed up into the following categories:

The Ignition System

Fuel and air combine in your cylinder, and a spark is used to ignite them. This explosion provides power to the engine. Even if the explosion doesn’t occur, the cycle continues and more fuel and air are combined. This type of issue is usually due to a faulty or intermittent spark plug. Spark plugs wear out and are no longer able to ignite on command. The problem can usually be solved by replacing the spark plugs. In some instances, the ignition wires may be faulty or corroded and also need to be replaced.

The Fuel System

Fuel system issues are usually more noticeable when you are idling or driving at low-speeds. Misfires can be caused by not enough fuel entering into the cylinder. When there isn’t enough fuel-to-air ratio, this leads to an oxygen-heavy explosion. On rare occasions, it is also possible that you have bad gas in your Mercedes. There are several parts that regulate the amount of fuel that enters the cylinder. It is important that you have a certified mechanic check out the issue so that you can get it fixed properly.

The Mechanical System

Mechanical issues can also be the cause of misfires. Vacuum lines may be leaking or a timing belt or chain may have slipped. If you have experienced a misfire due to a mechanical issue, you will notice a thumping that doesn’t go away.

Transmission Issues

Misfires don’t always come from the engine. The transmission could be the culprit. If your Mercedes jerks like you just experienced a misfire, the transmission may not be able to shift properly. This type of issue is usually noticeable when driving at faster speeds.

Engine Control Module Problems

The Engine Control Module (ECM) may also be the reason that you are experiencing backfires. The ECM functions as the main computer and gathers information so that it can calculate figures so that you Mercedes runs at maximum power and efficiency. If the ECM is failing, it can lead to all types of problems.

Is it safe to drive your Mercedes if it misfires?

Operating your Mercedes when it is misfiring isn’t usually dangerous unless your car loses power. Continuing to drive your vehicle is hard on the engine and can cause additional problems. Misfiring also decreases fuel efficiency and increases emissions.

Fixing Engine Misfires in Your Mercedes

Many issues can cause your Mercedes to misfire. Some of them can be easily diagnosed and resolved, while others are more difficult to decipher and take longer to repair.

Our certified mechanics have decades of experience and have the knowledge needed to fix your Mercedes right the first time. We aim to provide the best service around and deliver error-free service each and every time.

By bringing your car to Schearer’s Sales & Service, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive dealership-quality service without the high costs. Our mechanics are accustomed to the most common issues that cause cylinder misfires, and they have the expertise needed to repair them quickly and professionally.

Contact Us Today

If you are having an issue with your Mercedes Engine Misfire Issue Fix Mercedes or are in need of regular maintenance, call us today. We serve communities in the Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA areas. Give Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. a call. You can reach us at 610-395-2514. We will gladly welcome you in as a new client and are confident that you will be happy that you chose us for your Mercedes needs.

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