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Volkswagen Engine Oil Filling

Reasons Behind Volkswagen Engine Oil Leaks

by schearerswpadmin January 25, 2019

An oil leak in the engine of your Volkswagen can have very damaging effects to the rubber parts of the engine. Worse still, an oil leak in the engine is a potential fire hazard that can easily destroy the engine of your car completely in addition to possibly causing you physical harm.

Causes Of Oil Leaks
The major cause of oil leaks often boils down to simply the wear and tear of parts within the engine. This wear and tear is inevitable over time, as most vehicle parts have a lifespan after which they start to breakdown. The rate at which these parts break down can be hastened by other external factors causing them to fall apart prematurely.

Among the parts that become worn out is the valve gasket. When you take too long in between oil changes, the sludge that accumulates from contamination by dust and soil particles gradually increases the pressure in the oil gasket seal, causing the seal to break down and start leaking.

The oil pan can also be a source of the leakage in your VW. This is because the drain plug at the bottom of the pan becomes worn out. A worn out plug is characterized by old, misaligned threads.

Another part of the engine that can wear out and start a leak is the oil filter. This too is affected in the same manner by the sludge that gets left in the tank for too long. Additionally, the oil filter is one of those parts that most people try to replace on their own. While some people know how to replace it perfectly, there are those who are not so good at it and they end up fixing it either loosely or poorly. When the filter is not fitted into its designated position correctly, then a leak can easily start.

Moreover when the pressure is extremely high in the engine, some of the components such as seals can be strained. This straining wears them out after a while causing leakage.

Signs Of An Oil Leak
Some of the signs that you need to be on the lookout for that will indicate that there is an oil leak in your engine include:

Blue smoke coming from the rear pipe
The smell of burning oil in the cabin of your car as a result of the leaking oil landing on hot surfaces in the engine
A puddle or droplets of brownish liquid under your car especially when you park somewhere for a period of time, overnight for instance
Poor oil economy that will be a direct result of an increase in the amount of oil leaking out of the engine. You will end up spending more by having to add oil more frequently
How To Prevent Oil Leaks
In order to avoid the frustrating expenses that may arise from having to replace a damaged engine, it is advisable to take on some preventive measures to protect it. Considering the number of components that are found in the engine that can cause leaking through wear and tear, monitoring the condition of these components could go a long way towards ensuring that any sign of trouble is nipped in the bud. This can efficiently be done through regular servicing of the car. This servicing should include oil changes as well as filter replacements.

Having the engine cleaned out thoroughly in the process Volkswagen Engine Oil Filling of changing the oil will enable the mechanic to get the exact picture of the condition of the components and identify which one needs replacement in case of uneven wear. In addition to the regular manufacturer recommended servicing, popping into a Volkswagen specialized auto-repair shop anytime you experience any symptom associated with a leaky engine will also help prevent the extensive damage from reaching the engine.

Because of the complex nature of engine-related repairs, employing the services of a reputable service provider should be top on your priority list. With assured quality repairs using quality parts installed by certified professionals, Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. should be your next stop for repairs if you live in Allentown, Bethlehem, or Macungie, PA. Call or stop by today to join the ranks of our satisfied customers!

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