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Oil Pan Gasket Leaks In Jaguars

by schearerswpadmin October 31, 2018

If you have a Jaguar, you have a high-quality vehicle that has been engineered for luxury. While Jaguars are dependable, well-built vehicles, they can have mechanical issues just like any other vehicle. Proper maintenance will reduce those risks, but some issues tend to be more common than others. One of the more common complaints regarding problems encountered by Jaguar owners are oil pan gasket leaks.

Ongoing oil care is imperative to your car’s longevity and performance, especially for a luxury import car such as a Jaguar. Jaguars are performance-based cars, so making sure you get the oil changes done on time is essential for your car’s performance and operation. Oil pan gasket leaks are common in some models of Jaguars, which can result in serious problems for your vehicle’s performance. If you notice an oil pan leak, you need to address it right away.

What Is The Oil Pan Gasket?
All cars have oil pan gaskets because they play an important role in your car’s performance and operation. Engine oil goes into the oil pan. Oil pans are underneath the car, so they are subjected to damage. If your car drags over rocks or other objects, the oil pan could be punctured. A puncture might result in the car’s oil pan leaking oil, which is the leading source of a car oil leak.

The oil pan gasket is another leading cause of an oil leak. The gasket keeps the oil contained under the engine in the pan. Oil pan gaskets are vulnerable to poor road conditions, which can lead to damage causing an oil leak under the car. Sometimes, if your car is several years old or has traveled many miles, the gasket can wear out. When your oil pan gasket starts leaking, it should be replaced right away. If you fail to replace an oil pan gasket in a timely manner, the engine cannot contain the oil it needs, and there are increased levels of friction between the different components in the engine. You could end up damaging your engine, which is an expensive repair.

Things To Remember About Oil Leaks
Just as would be the concern with any other mechanical issue your vehicle might encounter, the root of the problem must be uncovered and addressed. It is critical to determine where the oil is leaking from, so you need to take it to your automotive technician right away. If the cause of the leak isn’t discovered, your engine will keep losing oil and be at risk for damage. It is important to take your car to an automotive repair facility that will use high-quality parts that are recommended by the manufacturer.

Because oil leaks can originate from many places, it is important to have the problem diagnosed accurately. The repair might involve multiple parts in addition to the oil pan gasket to prevent further leaks.

Other Problems Could Result
After your Jaguar’s oil pan gasket has failed, there are several warnings that could alert you to the problem. Keep an eye out for any unusual symptoms when driving your Jaguar. Here are some warning signs that you should stay on the lookout for:

Warning lights illuminated on the dash – such as the oil pressure warning light
Visible oil leak where oil is accumulating on the ground underneath the oil pan
Smoke emitting from engine, which can happen when the oil drips onto the hot parts of the engine
You can help prevent leaks from the oil pan gasket by sticking to the maintenance schedule. Take your vehicle to an automotive repair center that is experienced in Jaguar vehicles. Use the right oil and always have oil changes on time. By following the recommended maintenance intervals and by choosing a skilled Jaguar automotive repair facility, you can help extend your vehicle’s lifespan and keep it running its best.

Jaguar Oil Leak Check

Getting Your Jaguar Serviced
To keep your Jaguar up to speed in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA, call on Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. As Allentown’s leading European automotive service center, we have decades of experience in taking care of automotive issues. Call (610) 674-6621 to schedule your Jaguar oil service at one of our locations.

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