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Issues Related to a Power Steering Leak in Your BMW

by schearerswpadmin September 6, 2019

The power steering in your vehicle affects every aspect of its driving performance, from handling curves and turns to driving completely straight. The steering system depends on power steering fluid. Without it, the entire system would fail. For this reason, it is vitally important to make sure you do not have a leak. This type of fluid needs to be checked regularly in order to maintain the proper levels. This will ensure that your power steering will operate at optimal performance.

When there are no leaks, the power steering fluid is adequately pressured by the pump. This pressurized fluid pushes on the pistons. In turn, it helps turn the wheels. If a leak develops, the fluid will not have enough pressure behind it thus creating significant trouble with steering. Let’s take a look at some common problems and solutions to power steering leaks.

Symptoms of a Power Steering Leak

Decreased performance in steering

When your steering becomes compromised, it means that your power steering fluid is already dangerously low. The difficulty may not be as noticeable when driving down long stretches of straight highway. However, when you are trying to park or are driving shorter distances through town, you will have to exert much more energy into steering and turning. You can damage the steering fluid rack if you continue to drive in this condition, so it is best to park as soon as possible and get to a trusted mechanic.

Leaking fluid

If you notice drops of oil under your car, you need to identify what type of leak you have and its origin. If you suspect a power steering fluid leak, wipe down your lines and reservoir completely then check again often to determine if there are traces of leaking oil from the steering circuit.

Squealing or other unusual noises during steering

Disturbing noises are more common in older vehicles when the steering fluid gets to a low level. During parking or turning during low speeds, a squeal, chirp, or shriek may be heard. At other times, when you turn your steering wheel all the way to the right or left, you may hear a very dull whine or groan. This could signal low fluid which is a potential result of a leak.

Consistently low fluid levels

The power steering system is sealed, so when fluid goes missing, it means there is a leak somewhere. It is critically important to regularly check your fluid level. If the level drops, the pump will run dry. This leads to overheating and increased friction that can cause expensive damage. Checking the level will keep the steering safe as well as ensuring the longevity of your steering rack.

Other symptoms include a stiff steering wheel or a steering wheel that is slow to respond when turned.

Your BMW has a strict maintenance schedule and requires intricate diagnosis and repair when something goes wrong, which includes issues that may develop with the power steering. In these situations, you should consult an expert in BMW mechanics as soon as possible.

Consult the Leading European Auto Specialists at Schearer’s

Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. services all vehicles and has a deep passion for European made vehicles, including BMW. If you suspect BMW Power Steering Fluid Level Check an issue with your power steering, we will quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. We offer a free shuttle service or loaner vehicle while we are working on your automobile.

Our goal for residents of Allentown, Bethelem, and Macungie, PA is to create a trusting and long lasting relationship. Our team of expert mechanics at Schearer’s understand the complexity of BMW repairs and the workmanship it takes to keep these exotic automobiles operating at peak performance. We pride ourselves on our expertise and want you to feel confident when you choose our repair shop for your BMW needs. We are also licensed by the state of Pennsylvania to perform safety and emissions inspections. This is just another layer of protection we provide at Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. Contact us today for all your vehicle needs, from diagnosis and repair to inspection and routine maintenance.

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