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Jaguar O2 Sensor

How to Handle a Failing O2 Sensor in Your Jaguar

by schearerswpadmin March 17, 2021

The oxygen sensor in your Jaguar is responsible for measuring the oxygen levels that circulate in the engine of the vehicle. The sensor is then able to transmit these measurements to make sure enough fuel is released into the engine to keep combustion going.

When the oxygen sensor fails to work, it means there is going to be problems with the fuel-to-air ratio that make the engine weaker or cause issues with fuel combustion altogether.

It is therefore prudent to be able to recognize some of the most common signs that your Jaguar’s oxygen sensor is failing. This way, you can take your vehicle to our qualified mechanics so we can fix the problem before this becomes a bigger issue.

Read below for some of typical symptoms of a failing oxygen sensor.

Bad Fuel Economy

When the oxygen sensor is not working properly in your Jaguar, it will result in poor fuel economy. Your car is not getting the right mixture of fuel and oxygen at the same time. Whether the fuel mixture is too lean or too rich, you will see that the fuel combustion in the engine will lose its efficiency. Your sensors are likely to slowly deteriorate, so it will not be an overnight change in the fuel economy.

Sometimes you will notice there is a foul, egg-like smell when the oxygen sensor burns out. This is because of the production of nitrogen and sulphur residue that occurs when the air/fuel ratio is disproportionate. This may also result in black smoke coming out of the exhaust. It is important to pay attention to the amount of fuel you need to add to your car at each fill up to recognize if fuel economy is going down.

Rough Engine Idle

When the oxygen sensor starts to fail, you may notice that the engine will struggle a little bit as well. It may be irregular, run roughly, and misfire when it idles. Failing sensors can result in these bothers symptoms and other engine performance problems. If you notice or suspect issues with your engine, follow your instincts and bring your Jaguar in for inspection. We can quickly uncover the source of engine issues.

Weak Engine Performance

When there are difficulties with the combustion in your car, the vehicle is not going to have the heightened engine performance that you need and expect from your Jaguar. When the oxygen sensor goes bad, the failing sensor will send the wrong messages to the powertrain control module, which controls how much fuel to add during combustion.

Rough Engine Sound

You know how your Jaguar sounds when it’s running properly. You’re aware of the engine noise, or lack there of it. You know your car well, so if your instincts tell you there’s something off with the usual purr of your engine, trust yourself. A failing oxygen sensor can cause engine misfires, which will result in new noises not commonly heard on your drive. A failing oxygen sensor will affect the fuel injection timing and the levels of combustion. When this happens, it will produce unusual noises.

The Check Engine Light

One of the most common symptoms of a bad oxygen sensor is the check engine light turning on. This light will illuminate on your dashboard any time the engine sensors detect any type of malfunction. This light can illuminate for many different reasons, so it’s important to heed it’s warning and seek out a trusted mechanic. We will run a quick diagnostic scan to find the source code of the warning light and alert you to the cause.

Jaguar O2 Sensor Replacement

Schearer’s Sales and Services, Inc. for Your Failing O2 Sensor

At Schearer’s Sales and Services, Inc. our team is here to provide you with the best car maintenance services in our community. We are trained and ready to help you with your failing O2 sensor, transmission issues, A/C repair, oil and fluid changes, battery replacement, and all your routine maintenance needs.

We serve the residence in and around Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA with all your repair needs. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to earning your repeat business.

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