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Land Rover Used Tire

How to Avoid Uneven Tire Wear in Your Land Rover

by schearerswpadmin February 11, 2022

Healthy tires are one of the most essential aspects of vehicle use and safety. With long-term use, the tire treads of your Land Rover may wear off unevenly. This heralds the start of a cascade of problems.

Uneven wear in your car tires exposes you to problems with vehicle handling and performance of your tires along with safety issues for you and everyone on the road. Tires are made to last about three to five years, if every aspect of the wheel and tire is in place and working as it should. When it isn’t, that’s where problems begin. Let’s go through each aspect of a tire and its importance.

  • Beads: The beads help to hold the tires firm to the rim and outer edge of the wheel when the wheels roll. They are usually made of copper, brass, or bronze-plated high tensile steel wires.
  • Bead filler: Bead fillers help to stabilize the lower sidewall and bead. Its density and fullness tell you a lot about your tire’s performance. It is usually made of rubber and is situated in the tire’s beads.
  • Radial cord body: Mostly made with nylon, rayon, or polyester, it helps to provide strength to the tires and conduct cornering stress from thread to wheel.
  • Inner liner: It is bonded to the inside of the tire cord and is made of rubber compound and works with beads and bead fillers.
  • Belt plies: This component helps to increase the impact resistance, traction, and mileage of a tire by strengthening and stabilizing the tire thread. It is normally composed of two layers of steel cords located under the belt area.
  • Sidewall: This is where the information of a tire is printed. It runs from the bead to the thread and forms a covering for the cord body. It is made from strong rubber compounds to withstand damage.
  • Tread: This is seemingly the most important part of a car tire as it helps to balance wear, handling, fuel economy, etc. It is in direct contact with the road and made of hard rubber compounds.

Causes of Uneven Wear in Tires

Purchasing a Land Rover includes doing your best in maintaining the engine, brakes, and various components, including the tires. They can be the difference between a lovely cross-country joyride and a very frustrating evening with a blown-out tire. Here are some causes of uneven tire wear and their fixes:

  • Problems with parts: The tie rods and ball joints are the main culprits in this case, especially when they are worn out or damaged. It’s better to take the car to the professionals for replacements of parts.
  • Wheel misalignment: This is another important cause of uneven wear in Land Rover tires. When the top of your tires leans towards or away from your vehicle, it causes only one side/shoulder of the tire tread to touch the road, leading to wear in that angle of the tire.
  • Overinflation: Overinflating your Land Rover tire can lead to a bulge, causing the center to have more contact with the road than the shoulders; thus, leading to more wear in the center of the tread. This can jeopardize safety, as it predisposes the tire to blowouts and breakdown issues. This is usually an easy fix done by deflating the tire. However, by deflating the tire too much, it may lead to increased drag. You may choose to go to your professional car care specialist for the best service to ensure your tires are inflated properly for your safety.

Schearer’s Sales and Services Inc. for Your Land Rover

Schearer’s Sales and Services Incorporated is here for you. We provide you with the best professionals, tools, and equipment Land Rover Tire Tread Check to put your car in the best shape. Our company started in 2017 and is owned by Tom and Christy Schearer, whose goal is “to achieve total customer loyalty by delivering error-free service on time.”

We are an experienced and dedicated auto repair and maintenance shop located in Allentown, PA near Berks and Lehigh County and a short drive from Bethlehem and Macungie. Our services include but are not limited to Pennsylvania safety and emission inspection, complete vehicle evaluation, factory-required maintenance, fleet services, onboard maintenance diagnostics, and brake, suspension, and steering services.

We are always available for you, so book an appointment by calling us at (610) 395-2514 and we promise to provide the best care for your vehicle.

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