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Volkswagen Increased Fuel Consumption

Factors that Lead to an Increase in the Fuel Consumption of a Volkswagen

by schearerswpadmin March 17, 2022

Volkswagen models all have a stylish, eye-catching design combined with innovative technology for safety. As with every vehicle brand, improper maintenance may cause problems in your VW, especially as it ages. One such issue is the increase in the way the engine consumes fuel.

When your Volkswagen experiences an increase in fuel consumption, there are many negative impacts that can be experienced. This issue can put you and your passengers at risk. For instance, you could be stranded at an odd hour in a strange place.

Being unaware of this fuel consumption issue can also lead to accidents that might damage the vehicle and inflict injuries on the occupants. Generally, a heavy fuel consumption is not safe for driving your Volkswagen.

Reasons for an Increase in Fuel Consumption

Here are the top reasons why your Volkswagen may show an increase in fuel consumption:

Bad Tire Health

The state of your tires can affect the fuel consumption of your Volkswagen. Using tires that have problems with the wear pattern, pressure level, or tread wear can cause excessive fuel consumption. Tire problems will cause your engine to work harder to provide you with the output you demand.

Failure of fuel injectors

The fuel injection system of your vehicle helps to move the fuel needed for the combustion and ignition processes in the engine. As they are used over time, they may become clogged, and as a result, the engine may not get the required fuel it needs. There may be insufficient fuel to run your engine.

Engine Oil Problem

Using an engine oil that is not suitable for your Volkswagen may cause problems in your car. One such problem is that your vehicle may generate more heat because of the friction caused. To balance the excess heat produced, more fuel is used by the engine. It is therefore very important to use the oil specified in the manual of your Volkswagen.

A Wrong Driving Style

Your driving habits may affect the gas mileage of your Volkswagen. If you are a driver that loves fast acceleration while driving, this may have a negative effect on the way your engine consumes fuel. The best way to utilize fuel optimally in your Volkswagen is with steady acceleration.

Also, if you prefer keeping your engine idle rather than shutting it down in heavy traffic, it can cause a subsequent increase in fuel consumption. When your Volkswagen’s engine is idle, it consumes more fuel than when it is turned off.

Spark Plug Failure

For the fuel to be utilized by the engine, the spark plug must ignite the fuel to a gaseous state during the combustion process. A faulty or worn-out plug will not provide this function, and it could lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Changing the spark plug when due will go a long way towards maintaining the right fuel consumption in your Volkswagen.

Insufficient Flow of Oxygen in the Engine

Increased fuel consumption in your Volkswagen may be a result of insufficient oxygen in the engine. For ignition and combustion to take place, there must be an adequate ratio of fuel and oxygen. Your Volkswagen may experience an increase in the level of fuel consumption when the ratio of oxygen to fuel is not precise. This is called either running rich (too much fuel) or lean (too much oxygen) in the combustion process.

Poor Engine Maintenance

Improper servicing of the engine may lead to excessive fuel consumption. An engine that is not well-maintained may break down. Also, some of the components involved in the combustion process may become faulty. This may lead to an increase in fuel consumption.

Schearer’s Sales And Services, Inc. for Your Volkswagen

If you notice an increase in the fuel consumption in your Volkswagen, it may be due to one or more of the above Volkswagen Fuel Injector Check factors. Bring your VW to our expert repair shop at Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc. We will carry out a proper diagnostic inspection to provide you with a transparent report of our findings. From there, you will direct the repairs necessary. Our expert mechanics will quickly and affordably perform the services to get your VW back on the road safely.

We also provide repair and maintenance services for clients in Allentown, Bethlehem, and the surrounding areas of Macungie. Call us to schedule an appointment or call us at our shop. We look forward to meeting you and helping you keep your VW in top form.

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