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Volvo Bad Motor Mount

Diagnosing a Bad Motor Mount in Your Volvo

by schearerswpadmin January 20, 2020

As your Volvo’s engine is such an important component, it needs extra care when being bolted into your engine on the manufacturing line. Instead of being directly bolted to the body of your Volvo, the engine is instead connected by a series of reinforced rubber bushings called motor or engine mounts. These engine mounts are needed to absorb shocks and load as your engine operates. This, in turn, protects the mounting bolts and brackets as well as the delicate sensors inside your engine. The mounts make sure that horsepower moves straight into the ground instead of putting stress upon your engine. Given that these essential parts are only made of rubber, they can start to deteriorate over time and may go bad. Let’s take a look at signs, causes, and where to go for help.

Signs and Symptoms of Bad Motor Mounts

Banging and Lifting

When your Volvo starts to reach its more mature years at around 100,000150,000 miles, you may begin to notice strange sensations when you accelerate. When the engine mounts have started to go bad, the engine will start to use the axles to lift itself out of its mount. However, when you stop accelerating, such as to change gears or brake, the engine will suddenly drop back down, creating a loud bang. This repeated damaging motion will cause the mounts to tear and will leave your engine rumbling freely under the hood, causing even more damage.

In terms of the specific nature of the damage that will be caused when this happens, it is extensive and will affect everything connected to your engine. This includes the CV joints as well as the intake tubing, the exhaust tubing, wiring harness, fluid lines, and the shift linkages.

Vibration When Idle

Another symptom of failing engine mounts occurs when you notice an intense vibration when idling. There of course can be many reasons for rough idling but you should always check if your engine mounts are responsible. You can test if this is the case by holding on the breaks and then applying the throttle. If, when do you this you notice the engine moving around more than an inch then the problem is almost guaranteed to be with the mounts.

Modern Mounts

Some top-end vehicle manufacturers have started to develop new engine mount innovations, such as adding electrical components designed to increase the efficiency and lifespan of this humble part. Electronic mounts are able to adapt their stiffness depending on the RPM of the engine, forming a soft cushion when at idle and a stiff support when driving. Other innovations include counter-vibration devices, which can help to cancel out engine noise, and vacuum controlled active mounts.

Therefore, if you have purchased your Volvo recently, it is worth checking if your car has added innovations to its motor mounts, as you may need to provide some extra maintenance or be wary of other symptoms of failure. If you are unsure about the kind of mounts your Volvo uses, your preferred Volvo specialist will be able to advise you.

The Takeaway

Put simply, the more miles your Volvo has driven, the more aware you need to be of the health of the motor mounts. If your car is a used model or a vintage variant, pay extra mind to your motor mounts and keep vigilant for any of the warning signs listed above. Responding quickly to potential failure will help you to safeguard the health of your engine and its connected symptoms, meaning you will only need to have the mounts replaced and not a whole slew of parts damaged by a bouncing engine.

Schearer’s Sales & Service

Schearer’s Sales & Service is a Volvo Motor Mount Issue Check community favourite of the residents of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA. We want to always be your first choice when it comes to servicing and maintenance of your Volvo. With a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty, Schearer’s Sales & Service knows you will drive away satisfied. If our guarantee isn’t enough to sway you, we also offer a variety of coupons available on our website including $20 off a $200 service, and $50 off timing belt replacement. When you visit Schearer’s, you are sure to get the best deal in town while not compromising on the quality of repairs. Call us today.

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