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BMW Dead Battery

Causes of a Discharged Battery in a BMW in Allentown

by schearerswpadmin January 8, 2022

When it involves luxury automobiles, BMW has a long history of being at the highest of the category. Driving a BMW is a car enthusiast’s dream, with exquisite interiors and exteriors mixed with clever inventions and intelligent engineering. These benefits are only some of the explanations why people choose BMW as their vehicle of choice throughout their life.

A dead battery, on the other hand, might drastically detract from such an amazing driving experience. With this in mind, we’ll take a deeper study of your BMW’s battery, learn what drains it, and speak about the warning signs and symptoms that your BMW is getting ready to fail.

Let’s Talk Car Batteries

When you were a teen, all of your electronic toys needed batteries to work. Every car is a bigger version of that, complete with a large rechargeable battery. The first function of your car’s battery is to transmit electrical current to the vehicle. This energy goes to the starter, which starts the engine.

When the engine is working, the battery takes a back seat, and the alternator changes mechanical power into electrical power to keep the electrical systems working. It works in tandem with your car’s battery. Your BMW’s battery might last 5 years or more if maintained properly.

What can drain a BMW’s battery?

  • Leaving the Lights on: Probably the most common explanation for a depleted battery is accidentally leaving either headlights or interior cabin lights on overnight. The lights require power from the battery. Batteries don’t hold a charge for long, so the draw on them depletes the power. Since the engine isn’t running, the alternator isn’t powering the battery. Overnight, the battery becomes drained, leaving you with a car that will not turn on in the morning. This is why you can jump start the battery with the help of a neighbor. Once the battery receives enough charge, the alternator will send power to it again.
  • Electrical Troubles: Electrical issues are the second most prevalent reason for a drained battery. Not all functions stop running once you shut down the ignition. Normally, the security alarm, clock, and components of the onboard computer are designed to remain working whether the car is in use or not. However, if your BMW’s electric system malfunctions, such as leaving the overhead cabin light on all night, it can drain the battery’s charge.
  • Weak Battery: Your BMW’s battery usually will last 5 years on average. Your battery can grow weak and struggle to keep a charge because it becomes older or has been neglected, leading to a dead battery. When you bring your BMW in for servicing, they will check the battery and clean it up, keeping the terminals clean from dirt and debris to ensure you have the best electricity conduction.
  • Corroded or Loose Battery Connections: Corroded or loose battery terminals are another direct result of poor maintenance. Your battery won’t be able to charge properly due to these dirty connectors. It’s possible that the battery will lose the charge it already has and leave you stranded, so make sure to get those cleaned with routine service.
  • Faulty Alternator Diode: The alternator in your BMW alters AC and DC power, so your battery can use it for your car’s electrical systems. If your alternator diode becomes corroded, it will impact the electrical charging of your battery.

Symptoms Pointing to Failure

When it involves any car issue, having the ability to acknowledge the symptoms or warnings that failure is approaching can facilitate your proper preparation by seeking repairs before the matter catches you off guard. The subsequent are warning signals to appear out for if you’ve got a dead battery:

  • An engine that cranks, but refuses to start
  • An engine that refuses to crank or start
  • The lights won’t come on
  • Intermittent starting occurs when your vehicle will start fine on one but not the next, indicating an unreliable battery charge
  • Your BMW struggles to crank in atmospheric condition
  • Your vehicle has required jump-starts within the recent past

Seek Servicing at Schearer’s Sales and Service

If it has been ages since you’ve seen our mechanics, now would be a good opportunity to schedule routine maintenance to BMW Dead Battery Check ensure your battery lasts as long as possible. Schearer’s Sales and Service has you covered if you reside in or around Allentown, Bethlehem, or Macungie, PA.

We focus on European automobiles and our knowledgeable specialists are able to assist you in restoring your battery to its former glory. Our mission is to certify ourselves as your go-to BMW repair and maintenance facility. For a consultation, stop by or give us a call today.

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