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Best Ways to Deal With Coolant Leaks in a Jaguar

by schearerswpadmin October 27, 2019

The Jaguar is a vehicle with a reputation of being provocative and stylish with penchant for calling out mischievous tendencies in its drivers. It’s no wonder why Jaguar is so popular with those who like to take a drive on the wild side, as it were, and look good while doing it. However, one factor which will certainly ruin this rebel image is coolant leaking from the undercarriage.

Coolant leaks should not be ignored, as they present a major setback for your engine. Leaks have the ability to completely ruin your driving experience. This problem should be dealt with swiftly to prevent an increased risk of overheating and catastrophic engine damage. With this in mind, in this article, we will look at the best ways to deal with coolant leaks coming from your Jaguar.

What is coolant and what does it do?

Coolant, otherwise known as antifreeze, is usually bright in color such as pink or green, and it smells almost sweet. While it may have some additives, essentially, coolant is a mixture of distilled water and alcohol. Its primary role is to cool down the engine, which it does by absorbing heat from the engine as it circulates the system. The coolant will continually circulate while the engine is in motion, effectively keeping it cool and preventing it from overheating.

How to Tell if you have a Coolant Leak

The first step in dealing with a coolant leak is to figure out if your vehicle is leaking coolant or another substance. Your Jaguar is filled with a variety of other liquids which could also be the cause of the leak.

To discern what is leaking, you should place a piece of cardboard or paper under your Jaguar and leave it overnight. When morning comes, you can study the leakage, making note of its color and smell to help you decide whether it is coolant that is leaking or oil or gasoline.

Why do I have a coolant leak?

Once you have identified that it is coolant leaking from your Jaguar, the next step is to figure out the cause. Luckily, there are only 2 main reasons why this could happen, so ruling options out is quite straightforward:

1. Radiator

One of the main causes of coolant leaks are holes or cracks that have formed in the radiator which are allowing the coolant to seep out of the system. The radiator plays a big part in the coolant system, as the hot coolant which has circulated the engine is cooled down inside the radiator, ready to be recirculated again. Without the radiator working correctly, the right pressure won’t be being maintained. Also, the coolant’s temperature will not drop correctly, which could increase the risk of overheating.

Another reason for a coolant leak is damage to the radiator. This can be caused by poor maintenance as well as damage from debris, which can enter the vehicle through the front grill. Minor bumps or impacts can also cause cracks to form in the radiator too.

2. Head Gasket Troubles

Internal coolant leaks are typically caused by a fault or failing head gasket. The head gasket is what makes the coolant system a closed circuit, thus maintaining pressure and preventing coolant from getting where it’s not supposed to. If the head gasket has become damaged or ineffective, then coolant will be able to escape the system, usually entering the crankcase or cylinders, where it will mix with the engine oil. This can cause both contamination as well as damage to the engine. The coolant can also reach the spark plugs, where it will burn. You will notice white emissions coming from the exhaust. The head gasket can fail for a variety of reasons, but it is most commonly caused by damage through consistent overheating.

Jaguar Radiator Check

Seeking Repairs

If you suspect a coolant leak, for the sake of your engine, you need to get it dealt with quickly. You can avoid most coolant issues through regularly-scheduled maintenance, but if it’s been a while since you’ve had your Jaguar looked at by a professional, then you should bring your car to a quality auto shop as soon as you notice a problem.

At Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc., we know what it takes to look after a luxury sports car like your Jaguar. We are perfectly situated for drivers living in Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA. No job is too big or too small for our friendly team of expert mechanics.

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