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Infiniti Starting Failure

4 Reasons Why Your Infiniti Fails To Start on Cold Mornings

by schearerswpadmin May 25, 2023

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting ready for a busy day, only to find that your Infiniti refuses to start on a cold winter morning. The freezing temperatures can take a toll on your vehicle, leading to a variety of issues that prevent it from starting. If you’ve been experiencing this problem, here are four pivotal reasons why your Infiniti might be failing to start in the cold morning.

1. Dead or Weak Battery

One of the most common culprits behind a cold morning startup failure is a dead or weak battery. When the temperature drops, the chemical reactions inside the battery slow down, reducing its overall capacity. If your battery is already weak or old, it becomes even more susceptible to cold weather-related issues. As a result, it may not have enough power to crank the engine and start your Infiniti.

To prevent this problem, it’s essential to have your battery checked regularly and replaced when necessary. Additionally, parking your car in a garage or using a battery heater can help keep the battery warmer, improving its performance in the cold.

2. Fuel Delivery Issues

Cold temperatures can cause fuel-related problems that can prevent your Infiniti from starting. One common issue is fuel line freezing. When the temperature drops, the moisture present in the fuel lines can freeze, blocking the flow of fuel to the engine. This can result in a no-start situation.

Using a fuel additive designed to prevent freezing can be helpful in preventing these issues. Another possible fuel-related problem is fuel vaporization. In extremely cold weather, the fuel may not vaporize properly, making it difficult for the engine to ignite.

3. Ignition System Malfunctions

The ignition system is responsible for starting the engine by creating a spark at the right time. In cold weather, certain components of the ignition system, such as the spark plugs, ignition coil, or ignition switch, can become compromised.

For example, if the spark plugs are worn out or the ignition coil is weak, they may not be able to produce a strong enough spark to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the engine cylinders. This can lead to a failure to start. Regular maintenance, including inspection and replacement of worn ignition components, can help prevent these issues.

4. Engine Oil Thickening

Motor oil plays a vital role in lubricating the engine’s internal components and ensuring smooth operation. However, in cold temperatures, the engine oil can thicken, becoming more viscous and resistant to flow. This can result in inadequate lubrication, making it harder for the engine to start. Using the proper grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer for cold weather conditions can alleviate this problem. Additionally, allowing the engine to warm up for a few minutes before attempting to start the car can help ensure that the oil reaches its optimal operating viscosity.

Increase The Reliability Of Your Infiniti

Several pivotal reasons can contribute to your Infiniti failing to start on a cold morning. A dead or weak battery, fuel delivery issues, ignition system malfunctions, and engine oil thickening are among the primary culprits.

Regular maintenance, including battery checks, fuel additives, ignition system inspections, and using the correct grade of oil, can help prevent these problems. Additionally, parking in a garage or using a block heater can provide extra protection against cold weather-related startup issues. By addressing these potential causes, you can increase the reliability of your Infiniti even in the harshest winter conditions.

Book An Appointment with Schearer’s Sales And Service Today

Winter can be a challenging season for your vehicle, especially if it’s an Infiniti. Infiniti Engine Oil Change Fortunately, Schearer’s Sales and Service in Allentown, PA, is here to help you prepare for the colder months ahead. We offer a range of Infiniti winter maintenance services that will ensure your vehicle is safe and running smoothly all winter long.

From checking your brakes and battery to installing winter tires and performing a thorough inspection, our experienced technicians will ensure that your Infiniti is up to the task of handling the harsh conditions of winter. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Book an appointment with us today and get your Infiniti ready for the winter weather.

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