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    5530 Crackersport Rd
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Joseph Davi

To start off I E-mailed the shop with the amount of work that was done previously, and was told that the evaluation would cost up to $200. I made an Appointment and spoke to a mechanic at my arrival 8:20 AM. He seemed confused with how the A/C system turned on! I was offered a loaner and was told they will call with there estimate. no-one called and I called around 3:00 pm to see what their conclusion was and how much it would cost.I was told that Samantha would call me back with the estimate.I called again about 30 minutes later and was given a verbal estimate that the A/C repair would cost over $1000.00 To change the same part I changed a few months ago without any resolution. Heater Control Valve Motorcraft YG378 – MCHCM00001 $117.95,and a A/C recharge. (Had it done for $75.00) They also told me that during there testing that cool air came out of 2 vents and warm air out of 2 vents. ( why I went to them in the 1st place)So in hind site they where going to charge me upward of $1,000. to change a $118.00 dollar part and a $75.00 recharge.And to add insult to injury they charged me $200.00 for the same thing I came to them for in the 1st place,Do yourself a HUGE favor and avoid this establishment if you want to hold on to your hard earned dollars!!!!!

Schearer's Sales and Service, Inc 6/5/2019

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