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Ways To Fix ABS Module Failure In Your VW

by schearerswpadmin July 3, 2019

Volkswagens, though a very popular vehicle brand, have a known tendency for the ABS module to fail. While precautions are being taken by the manufacturer to prevent as many ABS module issues from happening as possible, being able to recognize the symptoms of ABS module failure on your own is still very important. It would be wise to identify the signs since the ABS module plays a significant role in preventing your vehicle from causing an accident. In this article, we will identify the role of the ABS module and list the symptoms to look for when one does fail. We will also discuss preventative methods and solutions.

The Role Of The ABS Module

The anti-lock braking system or ABS in your Volkswagen is a safety feature that is responsible for keeping your VW’s brakes from locking whenever you apply an excessive amount of pressure to your brakes. This helps to stop your car from losing tractionskidding, or sliding uncontrollably. This could be dangerous for you and the other drivers on the road.

The ABS system consists of 5 main parts: four ABS sensors and the ABS module. One ABS sensor is located on each of your vehicle’s wheels. It keeps track of the individual wheel’s speed. If your VW has lost traction, the ABS sensors will relay that information to the ABS module. In response, your ABS module will begin to rapidly pump your brakes in an attempt to stop your car from skidding.

Symptoms Of ABS Module Failure

When your ABS module fails, your brakes are much more likely to lock up when excess pressure is applied. This will cause your Volkswagen to skid or slide across the road. If you want your vehicle to operate safely and reliably, it is imperative that you diagnose and repair this issue as soon as possible. Recognizing the following symptoms of ABS module failure will help ensure that you fix the problem before it is too late.

ABS light is on

The most obvious and common sign that there is an issue with your ABS module is that the ABS light is illuminated. This is usually located within your car’s gauge cluster on the dashboard. However, If your Volkswagen is an older model, it may not have an ABS light. In this case, the check engine light will come on instead.

Difference in the feel of the brakes

If you notice a difference in the way your brakes feel, it may indicate that your ABS module is failing. You may find that your brake pedal is harder to press down or slower to respond. When the issue is really bad, you might notice that the brakes are completely unresponsive. It’s also possible for your brakes to spontaneously lock, even when driving conditions are completely normal. Since your brakes are a vital part of your Volkswagen’s function and performance, any difference in the way they feel should be examined and fixed as soon as possible.

Bad speedometer

Though it’s a rare sign of ABS module failure, a speedometer that’s reading incorrectly or just not working at all is cause for concern. This should be examined by a professional. If it is indeed a symptom of a malfunctioning ABS module, then a failing speedometer should be accompanied by an illuminated ABS light.

Ways To Prevent ABS Module Failure

Since ABS module failure is a common issue in Volkswagens, detailed maintenance instructions have been prepared by the manufacturer to be followed as a precaution for Volkswagen owners. Along with following these provisionary instructions, you should also remember to take your car for routine inspections. Keep an eye out for the symptoms listed above and choose a dedicated professional you can go to anytime that you suspect an issue with your ABS module. Doing these four things will ensure that your Volkswagen will live up to its overall reputation of excellence.

We Will Fix Your Failing ABS Module

At Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc., our Volkswagen Volkswagen ABS Modulespecialists are highly trained to give the specific care and attention that your Volkswagen requires. We recognize the importance of your car’s ABS module in both its functionality and overall safety. We are dedicated to providing quality service that you can trust. Stop in at any one of our AllentownBethlehem, or MacungiePA locations to ask us about your failing ABS module today.

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