Window Regulator Failure in Mercedes-Benz

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The Mercedes-Benz was designed with class in mind. However, not being able to roll your window down isn’t very classy. Although people spend good money to have a working car, there are certain obstacles that occur. One of those is window regulator failure. Now, you may think this isn’t a very important function, but you’ll realize how wrong that is the first time you try to go through a drive-thru or enjoy a nice breeze while driving. Bottom line is, nobody wants to see a broken Mercedes.

What is the Window Regulator?

Not too long ago, drivers had to manually roll their windows up and down with a special lever. It worked great at the time, however, people needed something more advanced. Thus, the electric window regulator was introduced to luxury cars. Now, almost every car has this automatic function. The window regulator allows the driver to simply press a button and control whether or not the window goes up or now. Needless to say, it’s pretty important part of your car.

Why Did my Regulator Fail?

There may be specific issues that impact your Mercedes-Benz. Let’s consider a few specific problems that could result in window regulator failure.

Thermal Irregularities

When you start to experience issues with your window regulator, there may be a few things to consider. To begin, what is the climate like in your area? If your older vehicle is in sub-32-degree weather on a consistent basis, this may impact the regulator. Often times, this important piece may become stuck or frozen in these environments.
How to Fix This: While you can’t change the weather, you can take precautionary steps towards avoiding this problem. Keep your car covered as much as possible. If you know your car will be sitting for a while, start your car and let it run for a bit. This will help this piece to get the activity it needs to not freeze. Thermal regulation can preserve the life of your car in all forms.

Overheated Motors

Your car windows open and close based on specialized motors. If those motors experience any form of temperature malfunctions, it can greatly impact how your windows operate. Especially when heat is involved. When your motors are overheated, it can impact how your windows work. Often times, this will make the motor give out completely.
How to Fix This: It’s best to monitor your vehicle’s temperature on a regular basis. This will keep you informed of any potential changes in your car’s health. When you have your vehicle serviced, have your mechanic check your temperature levels. Being in the know will help you avoid a costly repair.

Separated Cables

Unfortunately, the Mercedes will often experience detachment issues in its lifetime. In order for your windows to roll up and down, there are special cables that have to be attached. If they come apart for some reason, you will experience issues with the window function. Cable detachment is one of the primary reasons for window issues. Often times, there is an underlying issue with your cable pulley system that makes this issue occur.
How to Fix This: If you are experienced with working on cars, you can try to reattach your cables yourself. Although this may sound easy, you may make a mistake that could result in further damage. Instead of taking that risk, why not let a professional Mercedes mechanic perform this task for you? This will ensure that your repair is done correctly and keep your car free from any possible damage.

How We Can Help

One of the best ways to keep your Mercedes in line  is to perform routine service maintenance. A professional mechanic can diagnose any potential issues and provide you with the necessary plan of action. Since Mercedes vehicles are luxury vehicles, they often have specialized parts that only a skilled specialist can work with.

Schearer’s Sales and Service, Inc., service the individuals of Allentown, Bethlehem, and Macungie, PA. We can provide an accurate diagnosis of your vehicles issues and perform quality work. If you are in the area and need your Mercedes serviced, don’t take the risk of letting your vehicle go. Bring it in and let a skilled mechanic provide you with the best service!

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